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Miskish & Buddy Bear

Miskish and Buddy have been successfully re-homed! Miskish is a beautiful 4 year old spotted female. She was born here at Assisi in June '09. Miskish was re-homed but had to be returned as she constantly escaped from her house and fell out with the other rabbit. Miskish is a wonderful little bunny who is full of mischief! Recently she was very unwell and was on a long course of medication, she has recovered…

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puppies and children

Interactions between your puppy and your children should always be supervised and they should never be left alone together.  Miscommunication between dogs and children is commonplace and accidents can easily happen.  It is therefore essential that you educate your children about appropriate interaction with puppies.  Make it a rule that the children:

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things to think about

Bringing a puppy into your home should never be an act of impulse!  You must be sure that you can give enough of your time to provide a puppy with:-               Love, Care, Attention             Training             Stimulation

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feeding your puppy

Feeding a puppy the correct diet is essential to ensure its optimum physical development.  At Assisi we feed our puppies on a very good quality, nutritional food that can be purchased at many pet stores.  Our puppies get three meals per day. Knowing how much to feed your puppy   Choose…

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puppy house training

The way house training is taught is extremely important, as it can make all the difference between having a confident puppy, or one which resorts to aggression at a later date.  Training your puppy will involve praising the good behaviour rather than punishing the not so good behaviour.  Pups who are exposed to excessive punishment will never reach their full potential and it is known that they may develop aggressive tendencies as an adult dog.…

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Happy Tails House opened on the 17th of December 2000. Since then hundreds of puppies have passed through the doors! Our puppy unit can care for 20-25 puppies at any time. We are usually full to capacity! The majority of our puppies are cross-breeds, so it is difficult to predict how they will turn out. We can only make a guess as to adult size and character. It is a great event when a new pet arrives, however, integrating a puppy into the household…

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