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We are very pleased to hear Nutmeg is getting on very well in her new home. She settled very quickly and is very happy in her new loving home.

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Message from Nala: ''Hi there, my name is Nala and I came from Assisi on 7th Jan 2010 to my new home in Ballykelly. I was known as Twinkle when I was there but my new mum…

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Harley (black and white collie x) is getting on brilliantly in his new home. He gets on great with the other dog and is very happy

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[caption id="attachment_2058" align="alignleft" width="236" caption="From this.."][/caption] Harvey left Assisi…

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Cat and Kitten neutering…

Do you have a stray cat that keeps having kittens or that keeps spraying around your home? Has your once cute and cuddly kitten turned into a boisterous and occasionally aggressive young adult? Is your cat urinating and defecating all round the house for no reason? It is very important to have all cats and kitten neutered or spayed not only to prevent unwanted litters…

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