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Woody – an absolute dream of a dog

We got Woody just over six years ago, when he was around two years old. He's been an absolute dream of a dog from day one; friendly, calm and easy to handle. He's very, very spoilt - but…

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Meet Mesha and her new friend Wesley

Mesha was adopted in October 2010. She is…

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We are Shocked by Abuse Case…

Update on Kim  - 22.1.11 Thank you for all the messages of good wishes and support for both Kim and Assisi. Kim was well enough today to leave the Vet and has gone home with her foster carer.  She will be on cage rest for the next 3 weeks, so that she does not put too much pressure on her damaged hips.  She will visit the Vet weekly for an x-ray, so that they can keep…

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Who said Cats and Dogs couldn't be friends! This is Zac who was an Assisi kitten. Zac has been with his new family since September and is pictured here with his brother Cooper and they are…

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Ringo and Phoebe

Meet Ringo and Phoebe. Ringo was adopted in Christmas 2008 at 12 weeks old and was one of four little black male kittens. No need to guess what the rest of them were named! He settled in very quickly and quickly became a mummy’s boy. It wasn’t long before he appropriated my fluffy dressing gown all for himself to cuddle and snooze in! He enjoys nothing more than being picked up and cuddled. When we adopted Ringo, we had another cat called Kiki…

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Meet Cleo

Cleo's new owners describe her as gorgeous and lovely, with a little stubborn personality that makes her so special.

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Hello from Cool Max

Hello, my name is Max and I am a 2 year old collie x. I was adopoted from Assisi when I was 8 weeks old and went to live with my mummy "Yvonne." You will see from my photo how cool I have turned out. What I want to say to people is: Why buy a dog when you can get one as cool as me from Assisi? Lots of love Max xx PS - you should see me trampoline. he he xx

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Pumpkin enjoys Christmas

Pumpkin loves her new house. Her hobbies are playing with her favourite toy, 'Mr Rattle Mouse', dancing on the wooden floors and tapping your face to wake you up. She also loves to chat, we often hear her talking to her toys. Pumpkin is also great at playing fetch! Many thanks, Jenny and Ross

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Hi from Peter and his new family

We've had Peter for 1 year now and he has settled in nicely. He has the whole house and garden to himself, and pretty much likes keeping it that way! He loves lounging on the sofa and on my bed! I often find him lying stretched across the length of the bed. He's still on the pred's for his asthma and the vet has also moved him on to an inhaler, which we give him every day. He didn't like it at the start, but has become a lot more used to it. He pretty…

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