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Mason has been successfully rehomed Mason is 2 years old and we are looking for an experienced dog owner who will continue the training we have started with Mason. We are looking for a very quiet home for Mason with adults only. Would you have the time to work with this lovely guy and give him a safe and loving home. Mason loves the company of other dogs and his best friend at the sanctuary…

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Freddo has been successfully rehomed Freddo is a handsome spaniel x collie. He is around 1 1/2 years old and has been vaccinated and neutered. Freddo came to us from the pound so we know little of his history but he has shown himself to be a happy, calm boy. Freddo loves nothing more than snuggling up to someone and getting lots of TLC! Freddo would be best suited to an active family who have time to continue…

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Successfully rehomed Buddy is a handsome setter x. He is around 9 months old and has been vaccinated and neutered. Buddy would make a great addition to an active family with plenty of time to devote to his ongoing training. Buddy loves people and is an extremely affectionate dog. He can be nervous and would need an experienced owner who can give him the time and training he needs to allow him…

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Roxy & Jingles

Great News  -   Rehomed together Roxy and Jingles are two sisters, they are 3 years old and have been vaccinated and spayed. Roxy and Jingles came in to us together early in March. They are both incredibly friendly and playful girls who are looking for their 'forever home' together. Roxy and Jingles are very close and could not be separated from each other. They would fit in well with an active…

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Cracker’s Chronicles – A Puppy’s Tale

Cracker is a tri-colour collie who lived at Assisi earlier this year and was adopted by Allen and Lydia in January.   They have been keeping a diary of Cracker's antics and training and we thought you might be interested in what Cracker got up to and how…

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Gadget is a cheeky little black and white spotted male. He is around 6 months old and has been vaccinated and neutered. Gadget is a cheeky boy who loves attention! He loves to be cuddled and will happily sit in your arms. Gadget was found as a stray at 14 weeks old so we don't have much history on him. Gadget is looking for a home with a spayed female rabbit of a similar age or a little bit older. He will bully a younger rabbit. Gadget is great with…

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Domino & Noel

DOMINO & NOEL HAVE BEEN REHOMED!!!! Domino and Noel are two very special little Guinea Pigs. They were found in a shoe box in Crawfordsburn Country Park on Christmas Eve! We think they are approximately 1-2 years old. They are both incredibly friendly, with Domino being the most confident of the two! Domino has a condition called Cushings, this is very rare in guinea pigs and is most commonly found in dogs…

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Timmy has gone to his new home Timmy is a handsome young collie. He is 6 months old and has been vaccinated and neutered. Timmy has had a bad start to life and has arrived in the Sanctuary with a few behaviour issues. He has no basic manners and needs a lot of training on his own self control as he gets over excited very easily. Timmy is also very protective over his food, we are currently working on this, but…

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Rehomed  -  Good Luck Bella Bella is a stunning German Shepherd. She is around 18 months old and has been vaccinated and spayed. Bella is quite a nervous dog, she is very wary of strangers and it does take her a while to settle and allow you to approach her. Once she gets to know you she is very loving and affectionate. Bella loves to play and has got very good at playing fetch! Bella will require…

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Grace has been rehomed Grace is a beautiful lurcher x. She is around 2-3 years old and has been vaccinated and neutered. Grace is a very loveable big dog who adores all the attention she gets! She does love to climb up onto walls and fences so will require an extremely secure garden. Grace loves going out for walks and enjoys getting off the lead for a good run about! Grace would be best suited to an active family who have time…

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