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Great news – Sasha’s op went well!

Sasha is walking and eating although she is still on pain relief.   She will stay in the vets over the weekend.   We all hope for a speedy recovery and we will keep you updated on her progress.

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Copper – magnificent harrier hound

Copper has been successfully been rehomed Copper is a magnificent harrier hound. He is very friendly and playful but needs an experienced dog owner.  He loves the company of other dogs and would be best suited to a home with another dog for company.  Copper also needs lots of exercise so will suit an active family.  If there are children, then aged 10 plus.

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Bangle has been successfullyrehomed Bangle is a golden lurcher / husky cross.  She is 1 year old and has the most stunning blue eyes, which is the husky trait.  She came to us from a pound but she is a really friendly girl.  Bangle gets on well with other dogs although would probably chase cats, so best for her would be a home with no cats. Bangle loves walks and is a very active dog…

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Ziva has been successfully rehomed,   Ziva is a two year old small black wire haired terrier cross.   She is very friendly and playful and just loves to be active.

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Brinkley has been successfully rehomed - Best wishes Brinkley is a one year old Golden Lab.  He is friendly and playful and loves cuddles and tummy rubs and he also loves toys.   Brinkley is still young and is very active and can get excited.   He is a typical lab and is food and treat orientated.   Brinkley is good with other dogs and would be best suited to a family with children who are 10 years plus.

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Clyde has been successfully rehomed. Clyde is a one year old Black Setter.  He arrived with us on 16 May and has yet to be fully assessed.   Clyde is a very affectionate, gentle dog who knows his basic commands of sit, down, paw and wait.

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Taylor – Rough Coated Lurcher

Good luck Taylor in your new home Taylor is a 2 year old rough coated grey lurcher who arrived at Assisi on Friday 18 May.   She has yet to be fully assessed but she is a very friendly and affectionate girl.  She looks like a small Irish Wolfhound. More details to follow

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Best wishes to Sasha

Best wishes to Sasha for her operation today.  She is due to arrive at Earlswood Vets at 9am and her operation is scheduled for later in the morning. Sasha has been living with her foster carer for the last couple of weeks to get accus...tomed to her new surroundings so that she is comfortable with them.  This will help make her recovery easier. We will update you later tonight on how the operation went. Many…

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Sasha needs your help to lead a normal life

We are asking for your help to raise funds for one special dog. Her name is Sasha and she is a dwarf German Shepherd. Sasha was found wandering the streets of Cookstown by a member of the public and was taken to the local pound where she was rescued by Assisi Animal Sanctuary. No one knows how Sasha ended up as a stray at 14 months old, but thankfully for her she can now get the medical treatment that she requires, with your help. Sasha’s front…

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Buddy and Theo (brothers)

Buddy and Theo have been successfully rehomed Buddy and Theo and are Springer Collie crosses.    They are 10 month old, very energetic puppies who will need owners who have previous Collie experience and knowledge to train these pups. Buddy and Theo can be rehomed separately.

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