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Good News for Charlie

Good News   -  you may remember we featured Charlie the Cat who had been found wandering and we were looking for a foster carer for him because we reckoned he was a good age and being in the sanctuary wasn't the best place for him. Friends of the owner saw him on the Assisi facebook page and alerted the owner who called and collected him today.   It turns out he is 18 years of age!! We are glad that through our facebook…

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Morgan has been chosen to go for training with the Search Dogs where he will be receive training as…

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Sasha has been successfully rehomed Sasha is a black lab springer cross.   She is 3 years old and came to us on the 10 May from a home.  Her owner was not able to give her the attention and exercise she needs.  She mixes well with other dogs and loves human company.  Her tail never stops wagging! Are you an active family that could give Sasha a loving home - why not call to the sanctuary and see her.

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Lucy has been successfully rehomed Miss Lucy is one of our older ladies at 10 years plus. She is friendly and affectionate and before she came to Assisi, she lived with a small dog. Lucy would make a lovely companion cat and would appreciate a safe garden which she would probably only use when the weather was very good. She loves to relax and her favourite toy is a couple of…

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***DOUG HAS BEEN REHOMED*** Doug is a two year old wire haired Terrier cross. He is friendly and playful with people.

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Mars has been rehomed Mars is a one year old white and brown Terrier cross. He is very affectionate and friendly with people but he does no like other dogs and definitely no cats. Mars can be dominant with other dogs and will require an experienced dog owner. He would benefit from training as he can be toy and food possessive. If there are children in the household they would need to…

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Biscuit has been successfully rehomed Biscuit is a 5 year old tortie.  She is very quiet and is looking for a loving home.   Biscuit can be quite shy at first until she gets to know you. We don't have a photo of Biscuit but call up and meet her at the Cattery.

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Pedro has been successfully rehomed Pedro is a 6 year old Poodle Bichon cross. He is a very friendly little dog and he is good with people and mixes well with other dogs. Pedro has just arrived and will be assessed over the next week. We don't have a photo of him yet so why not call and meet him in person.

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Saxo has been successfully rehomed Saxo is a black and white Jack Russell and he is about one year old.     He has just arrived and will be fully assessed over the next week.   Saxo is a friendly little dog and he is good with other dogs.   Why not call to the Sanctuary and meet him.

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MILO HAS BEEN REHOMED Milo is an 8 month old Jack Russell cross.  He is a playful, friendly, active little dog.   Milo is good with other dogs and is looking for a home where he would have company most of the time.   Why not call up and meet him at the Sanctuary.

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