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Dexter has been successfully rehomed Dexter is around 1-2 years old and he is a very affectionate little dog who craves human company and loves TLC.  Dexter would probably need a home where he would have company for most of the day and with a family aged 8+.   Could you give this little chap the company and love he needs.  Call at the sanctuary and meet him in person.

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Daisy has been rehomed. Daisy is a 5 year old black and white cat.   She is looking for a loving home with access to a safe garden.

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Great News - Charlie has been reunited with his owner and it turns out that Charlie is 18 years of age!! A great ending to this story. This is Charlie.  We reckon he is about 10 years old and was found wandering in Bangor about a week ago. He has been living rough for some time and was in a bad state and we had to shave parts of his coat because they were so badly matted.   He is a fantastic guy and he is really…

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Parker has been successfully rehomed. Parker is a 10 month old friendly, playful kitten and his favourite past time is stalking and hunting!! He doesn't mind other cats but as he loves playing access to a safe garden is a must for this handsome, fun loving boy.

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The beautiful Ranger has been rehomed Ranger is a tabby and white and came to the Sanctuary with her sisters - Texas and Walker.  Ranger is quite shy but once she gets to know you she loves getting her ears rubbed and back stroked.    She is more forward than Texas and Walker but would need a quiet home with access to a safe environment. Could you give this shy quiet lady a loving…

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Elsie has been successfully rehomed Elsie is 2 years old and is friendly and playful. She likes to sit on your knee and get stroked but not for too long! Elsie also likes time on her own to relax and snooze. Her ideal home is with no other cats and if there are children, then aged 10 and upwards. Elsie would also love access to a safe environment.

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Layla is now rehomed. Layla is a friendly and affectionate 8-9 year old tortie.     She would be best suited to a quiet home where she would be the centre of attention and be able to indulge in her favourite past time of "relaxing" and of course, she would love access to a safe garden.

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Chelsea has been successfully rehomed Chelsea is a 3 year old smooth haired terrier cross.   She is very affectionate, loves TLC and being fussed over.  Chelsea just wants a sofa to lie on.  She is good with dogs and kids of any age but does not like cats.  

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Rico has been successfully rehomed. Rico is a 3 year old wire haired terrier cross.   He is very lively, energetic and affectionate.  Rico loves to play fetch in the garden.  He is good with other dogs and kids of any age but does not like cats.

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Tate, Jarrus & Benny!

TATE JARRUS & BENNY HAVE BEEN REHOMED!!! Tate, Jarrus and Benny are three naughty brothers looking for a loving home! Their favourite activities include eating, escaping, sleeping, escaping, shouting, squealing and escaping! Did I mention escaping? They are great fun and are coming round to the idea of cuddles! All three are very vocal and love shouting at you at dinner time, dinner is never made fast enough!…

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