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Fred has been successfully rehomed This is Fred and he is a handsome 10 year old cat. Fred is an active chap who loves to play and is happiest chasing a bit of string!  He is very affectionate and talks to everyone who passes his cage.  Fred just loves having a fuss made of him. Fred would make a lovely companion as long as there were no other cats in the house but Fred does like dogs.  …

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Snowey has been successfully rehomed Snowey is a 2 year old white wire haired Terrier.   Snowey can be nervous when she meets you for the first time but she is very friendly and good with other dogs.   She could go to a family where the children are aged 10+.  

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Buffy has been rehomed Buffy is a 6 - 8 month old Black Lab.  Buffy is very friendly but needs socialisation and training.   We are looking for an experienced owner who has the time to train this young dog and a home where there are no children.

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Riley has been successfully rehomed Riley is a 9 month old Chocolate Brown Lab.  He is  very friendly but hasn't been trained so has no manners and his new owners will need to commit to taking him to training classes.    Riley could go to a family with older children as he could knock over smaller children.  If you like Labs, he is well worth calling at the sanctuary to meet him.…

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Poppet has been successfully rehomed Poppet is a very friendly and playful  1-2 year old Black Terrier who would be suitable for any family.  Please call to the sanctuary to see her.  

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Goldie has been successfully rehomed Goldie is a 2-3 year old collie cross.   He is very friendly and has good basic manners and he would be suitable for a family with children over 6 years of age. You won't be disappointed in Goldie -  please call at the sanctuary to see him.

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Indy has been successfully rehomed Indy is a 6 month old Boxer Cross.  He is very friendly and has good basic manners.   Indy walks well on a lead and will make a great family pet for any family.   Why not call at the sanctuary and meet Indy.

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Holly has been successfully rehomed Holly is a Brown Lab Cross.  She is very friendly but needs training and lots of TLC as she is very thin and underweight.   Could you give this lovely girl a home?   Why not call at the sanctuary and meet Holly.

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Jill has been successfully rehomed Jill is Pomeranian / Jack Russell Cross and she is about 4 years old.   Jill is cream and tan and has a lovely nature.  She would make a good companion pet for any family.    Jill has only 3 legs but she doesn't let that hold her back.  Call up and visit Jill at the sanctuary.

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Topaz has been successfully rehomed Topaz is a Tortie/Tabby and is very friendly and would suit any household.  Why not call up and meet Topaz.

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