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Cora has been successfully rehomed Cora is 2-3 years old and is very nervous.  We are looking for an experienced cat owner and a quiet household for Cora.

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Scooter has been successfully rehomed Scooter is a 3 year old Jack Russell.  He is very friendly and loves to play although he can be a bit shy until he gets to know you but with gentle handling and lots of TLC he comes around. He can be a bit selective with other dogs but with the right introduction he will be okay.    Because Scooter is a bit shy, if there are children in the house, …

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Liberty and Lottie

Liberty and Lottie have been rehomed Liberty and Lottie are 13 week old beautiful female kittens.  They are almost ready to leave the Sanctuary.  Why not call up and visit them.

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Eight Black Beauties

The eight kittens have been rehomed These gorgeous kittens arrived at the Sanctuary with their mother who has now been rehomed.  They are lovely kittens.  Why not call up and see them and also all the other beautiful kittens and cats we have at the moment.

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Ghost and Gracie

Ghost and Gracie have been sucessfully rehomed Ghost and Gracie are 14 weeks old and are almost ready to leave the Sanctuary.  Ghost is White and male and Gracie is female.  Why not call up and meet these two beauties.

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Madge and her Kittens

Madge and her kittens have been successfully rehomed Madge is around 1 - 2 years old and will be looking for a new home in about 4 weeks when her kittens will be old enough to manage without her. She has two kittens who will also be looking for homes. You can visit the Sanctuary and view Madge and her kittens and put a booking on them.

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Sidney has been successfully rehomed Sidney is a 3 year old ginger who is extremely friendly.    He is extremely friendly and has always lived indoors so we are looking for someone who wants a housecat.     Sidney is okay with other cats.

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Lulu has been successfully rehomed Lulu is a 5 year old Tabby and White.  She came to Assisi from a home and at first found sanctuary life very stressful.  She has now settled and we are looking for a home for Lulu.  She has never lived around children so if there are children then 10+ but is fine with other cats.  

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Hamish has been successfully rehomed This is Hamish and he came to live with us about a week ago.   He is very stressed and frightened and we haven't seen much of him to date as he likes to hide, so we don't know a lot about him.     He is gorgeous and we are hoping that with time he will begin to trust us.   Would you have the patience to allow this little chap the time needed…

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Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea has been successfully rehomed Sweet Pea is a Tan Jack Russell and she is about 1  1/2 years old.   She is full of beans and very affectionate.   Sweet Pea has just arrived so no photo of her but call and see her at the sanctuary.

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