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Kim has been successfully rehomed Kim is a 5 year old white Pomeranian.   She is very affectionate, although timid and just loves lots of TLC.  She has never been taught to walk on a lead.     She isn't with us very long so we don't have a photo of her yet but call to the Sanctuary and visit her.

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Odin and Otis

Odin and Otis have been successfully rehomed Odin and Otis are two Lurcher cross pups, who we think are about 11 weeks old.  They are lovely - all legs with the cutest faces.    One has been booked but the other is still available.   Why not call to the Sanctuary and see them.

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Black Lab Cross Pups

All the Black Lab Cross pups have been rehomed These beauties arrived with us in the last few days.  There are five girls and one boy and over the last few days there has been a lot of interest in them so don't think they will be with us for long.

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Eddie has been successfully rehomed. Eddie has just arrived at the Sanctuary.  He is a semi-long haired Tabby and we reckon he is about two years old.    He was found living rough at Eddie Irvine's Sports Complex in Bangor - hence his name.     He is an extremely handsome chap with the most beautiful markings on his face  - why not call up and meet him.

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Violet has been successfully rehomed Violet is approximately 1 year old and is a beautiful grey semi-long haired cat.   She has just arrived at the Sanctuary with 8 beautiful black kittens.  Violet was found living rough and four of the eight kittens belong to Violet and the other four she has taken on because their mother got killed.     …

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Denver has been successfully rehomed Denver is a brown Collie.   He is very nervous and will need a special home with no young children where they can be given plenty of TLC and allowed the opportunity to come around in his own time. We are looking for an owner who has had Collie experience and who has the time to train and socialise Denver as he has had little socialisation.  

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Jack has been successfully rehomed Jack is a 3 1/2 year old terrier.   He is very affectionate and loves long walks and a soft sofa to lie on.    Jack is a happy chap but would be best suited to a home without cats and with children aged 10 upwards.

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Kinder has been successfully rehomed. Kinder is a 1 year old White Jack Russell.  She is a good all round dog and would be suitable for a family with children aged 5 years and upwards.

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Luca has been rehomed Luca is a Husky Cross and is 9 months old.  He needs further behaviour training and a little manner training but is generally a lovely, friendly dog who just wants to play and be shown some TLC. Luca would be best suited to a home with experienced Husky owners as Huskies can sometimes be a difficult breed to handle.   He is great with children aged 5 years and…

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Lenny has been successfully rehomed Lenny is an 18 month old black Lab who acts like a big puppy.  He loves to play chase after toys and bounce around with other dogs.  Lenny is so friendly and greets almost everyone with a big smile, a lick and a waggy tail.  He would make a great family pet and loves TLC and long walks.  Lenny is great with other dogs and may also get along well…

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