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Milo has been successfully rehomed Milo is a white terrier and would be suited to live with an adult family with terrier experience.   Why not call up and meet this little character.

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Romany has been successfully rehomed. Romany is a 6 month old Collie pup.    She is really friendly and is good with other dogs.   She would enjoy obedience training and would suit a home with Collie experience and an energetic family.

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Dakota & Snowy

Dakota and Snowy are a great pair! Dakota has been with us a few times due to sad changes in circumstances. Dakota is around 5-6 years old now. He is the most friendly and cuddly rabbit we have here! He is so laid back, he just lets the world pass him by. Dakota will always come over to say hello and he loves to be fussed over and cuddled. Snowy is only around 8 months old and can be a little bit feisty at times. Dakota is a great influence on her…

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Petal & Maple

PETAL AND MAPLE HAVE BEEN RE-HOMED! Petal and Maple are the last two looking for a home together! They are 8 months old now, and have been spayed and vaccinated. They are incredibly friendly girls and are both very easy to handle. Petal is the independent one of the pair, she likes to be able to go off and do her own thing. Maple is a little more demanding of your attention and will always come over for…

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Tasha has been sucessfully rehomed Tasha is a 3 1/2 year old Black Lab/Boxer Cross.     She is a typically Lab and is friendly, playful and boisterous.     She is good with other dogs and would be suitable to a family with children aged 5 plus but she doesn't like cats.   Tasha has good manners and has been well trained and would make a good family pet.

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Dora has been rehomed We reckon Dora is 2-3 years old.    She is a beautiful Ginger and White cat.   Dora came to Assisi last year with kittens which have all been rehomed.    She is very nervous and likes to be independent and keep herself to herself.    We are looking for a home for Dora with an experienced cat owner who would let Dora be herself and a home with no children or other…

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Jinx has been successfully rehomed Jinx is a 7 years old White and Tabby.    She is shy until she gets to know you but then is very friendly.      She will want to live indoors in a house and a home with no dogs but she is good with children of all ages.     When getting ready to sleep she likes to make a hollow in the blanket to sleep in.  Why not call and meet this…

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JoJo has been successfully rehomed JoJo is a 10 month old Dark Tortie.  She came into Assisi pregnant and gave birth to  5 lovely kittens which have all been rehomed.  She is friendly, playful is very affectionate and loves to sit on your lap and be stroked.   She needs access to a safe outside environment and is looking for a home with no other animals.

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Chandler has been rehomed Chandler is a 2 year old  tri-colour collie.   He is nervous but is affectionate and loves cuddles once he gets to know you.  Chandler needs training on how to be a dog as he has never been taught anything ie, how to walk on a lead.   We are looking for someone who  has the time, experience and patience to  work with Chandler who will make a lovely pet,…

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Braveheart has been rehomed Braveheart is a wonderful boy and would make a great companion cat.  He is very friendly and whilst he has only 3 legs he doesnt let that stop him.   Whilst he came to us as a stray it is obvious that he has been missing her front right leg for a long time. He has lived in a household and loves people and company and we would love to find a quiet loving household for this friendly…

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