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Charlie has been successfully rehomed Meet Charlie who is a 9 year old black and white cat.  He is a marvellous looking boy and is very friendly and would make a great companion cat.   He can also be independent and when he has had enough will take himself off for some quiet time by himself.     Charlie loves talking to everyone who passes his cage and would be suitable for a family…

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10,000th Dog Saved by Chance of a Lifetime Programme

FROM HUMBLE beginnings nearly ten years ago, Chance of a Lifetime (COAL), an Assisi Animal Sanctuary run programme is celebrating saving their 10,000th dog from certain destruction. Founded in the autumn of 2003, a small group of five people with a rickety old van, set about to rescue as many of the 8,000 dogs that were being put to sleep in council pounds across Northern Ireland that year as they could. They would collect fit, healthy dogs from…

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Mr Chips

Mr Chips has been rehomed Mr Chips is a lovely 4 year old black cat and when he came to Assisi as a stray he was an extremley nervous boy but he is now a very loving cat but we are looking for an experienced cat owner who will handle him in the correct way so that he doesn't revert. We are looking for a home with no other cats or dogs and if there are children then teenagers.

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Bubble has been rehomed Bubble is a lovely, friendly and playful one year old white cat.   He would be best suited to be a housecat as he has no road sense and could go to a home with children.

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Domino has been successfully rehomed Domino is a 3-4 year old Blue Roan Cocker Spaniel.   He is friendly and loves to play but can be shy in new situations and until he gets to know you.  He loves lots of TLC and being No 1.    Domino needs training to learn his basic manners.  He would be best suited to a family with children who are 8+. Domino isn't with us very long so we don't…

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Levi has been successfully rehomed Levi is full of beans.  He is 3 1/2 years old and is friendly and playful.  Levi needs more training with his basic manners and handling as he can be nervous at times.  He is great on the lead but he can become over excited especially when he has a toy to play with.   Levi is food possessive so would be best suited to a family with older children,…

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Cassie has been successfully rehomed Cassie is a Black and Tax Pom X.   She is around 3-4 years and is a friendly and lovable girl but can be nervous in new situations.   Cassie knows some basic manners such as sit and paw but would benefit from learning more.   She would ideally love a quiet home and will needs lots of TLC and grooming to keep her coat in good condition. Why not…

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Missy has been successfully rehomed Missy is a Black Spaniel Cross.   He is friendly but is hyper so would be best suited to a very active family who would tire him out.   Missy needs to go to training classes to learn basic manners and would be suitable to a family with children aged 10+.

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Finn has been successfully rehomed Finn is an eight month old Black Springer/Cocker Spaniel Cross.   He is friendly, playful and very energetic and would love a family that has time and energy to give him plenty of exercise and stimulation. Finn will need to go to training classes to help with his manners.   He is good with other dogs and would be suitable for a family with children 8+.  

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Max has been successfully rehomed Max is a beautiful 1 year old Golden Lab.  He is an intelligent guy and has good manners but he would still need training to reinforce his manners and would also need lead training. Max is friendly and playful - a typical pup.  He is good with other dogs and would be suitable to a family with children aged 5+.

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