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Snoopy has been successfully rehomed Snoopy is a grey and white Lurcher aged 2 1/2 years.  She can be nervous at first.  She is good with other dogs but not with cats or small furries.   Photo to follow.

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Neo has been successfully rehomed Neo is a lovely Black collie / Spaniel cross aged 7 years.    Photo to follow.

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Max has been successfully rehomed Max is a tan Yorkie who is about 5 - 6 years old.  He is a good all around dog who loves cuddles and going for walks and he is great with other dogs. He isn't with us very long so no photo of him yet.

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Sootie has been successfully rehomed Sootie is a black Poodle who is living with a foster carer at the moment so he isn't on site.  If you wish to see him you need to make an appointment by ringing the Sanctuary on 028 9181 2622 and asking to speak to the Dog section.

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Scooby has been successfully rehomed Scooby is a black Bichon / Poodle who is about 2-3 years old.  He can take time to get to know you and new situations, but once he has bonded with you he loves sitting on your knee and getting cuddled.   He is brilliant with other dogs.    We haven't got a photo yet.

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Murphy has been successfully rehomed Murphy is a 2 year old black and white spaniel cross.   He is friendly and playful but can be a bit boisterous at times and he will require further training on basic manners and lead training.   Murphy is a very intelligent boy who is eager to please. We haven't got a photo taken yet of him but why not call to the sanctuary and meet him.

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Belle has been successfully rehomed Belle is a beautiful black and white Lurcher and she is around 1 year old.   She is a very affectionate and loving girl who will make a lovely pet.   She will require further basic training on manners and walking on a lead. She hasn't been with us very long so we haven't got a photo of her yet.

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Tracker has been successfully rehomed Tracker is a Liver and White spaniel aged between 3 and 4 years.   He has just arrived so we don't have a photo of him yet.

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Jodie has been successfully rehomed Jodie is a lovely Golden Pom aged 4 years.   He is affectionate and loves going for walks and being cuddled.   We don't have a photo of her yet as she has just arrived.

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Digger has been successfully rehomed Digger is a black and white spaniel who is 9 months old.   He has just arrived at Assisi so we don't have a photo of him yet.

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