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Dandy has been successfully rehomed Dandy is approximately 3-4 years old.  Friendly and confident Shitzu.   Why not call up and meet him.

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Jasper has been successfully rehomed Jasper is  approximately 1 - 2 years old.   He is a Liver and White Spaniel Cross.   Jasper is a really friendly happy guy and is good with other dogs.

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Beauty has been successfully rehomed. Beauty is a Collie Shepherd cross.   She is a friendly dog and is good with other dogs.   Beauty will need training on her basic manners and would benefit from advanced training.

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Oreo has been successfully rehomed Oreo is a 4 year old black lab.   He is a nice friendly guy but he is very boisterous and would need training on basic manners.   He would suit a energetic family.

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Dash has been successfully rehomed Dash is a 1 1/2 year old Collie Cross.   He is friendly although he can be shy until  he gets to know you.   Dash loves one-to-one time with people and is more interested in playing with people than with toys.  He is good with other dogs but would benefit from more training.

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Mach has been sucessfully rehomed. Mach is a 2 year old Collie Cross.   He is a super all round dog.   Mach has very good basic manners and would make a fantastic family pet especially for an active family.   He loves to play and fetch toys.  Mach is friendly and playful but can be a little boisterous so we would recommend if there are children in the family they are aged 5 and…

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Carrie has sucessfullybeen rehomed. Carrie is a 7 month old German Shepherd Cross.  She is friendly and playful but can be a little boisterous.   Carrie is shy at first but is fine when she gets to know you. Carrie needs training with her basic manners and would benefit from training classes.   She would love an active family that can give her plenty of fun activities and lots of TLC.  Carrie…

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Pip has been successfully rehomed Pip is a 5 year old Collie/ Spaniel Cross.    He is a friendly and shy dog but can be boisterous.   He is an energetic guy who needs to learn his basic manners and he would benefit from training classes.  Pip loves lots of one-to-one attention and curling up beside you on the sofa.  If there are children in the family, we would recommend aged 8…

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Flump & Jellybean

Flump and Jellybean have been sucessfully rehomed. Flump and Jellybean are the final two from Juno's litter of babies. They are 4 months old now and are growing fast! Flump is a cheeky rascal and is into everything, always getting into places he shouldn't be in! As he is going through his 'terrible teens' at the moment he isn't overly keen on being lifted and cuddled. It currently involves…

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Flash has been sucessfully rehomed. Flash is a 1-2 year old Border Collie and he is quite shy but once he gets to know you, he is very friendly.   He is learning  new things with his friend Cushla, such as meeting people, getting used to traffic and other dogs.

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