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Poppet has been successfully rehomed Poppet is a 2 year old terrier.   She can be possessive of toys so would be best suited to an adult only house or if there are children aged 10 plus.

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Jacko has been sucessfully rehomed. Jacko is a full bred German Shepherd who will grow to be a large dog.   He is about 4 / 5 month old so is a typical pup.  Jacko walks well on the lead but will need to attend training classes and it would be preferable that he goes to an experienced German Shepherd owner.

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Conal has been successfully rehomed Conal is a magnificent Wolfhound Collie Cross and he is 2 1/2 years old.  He knows his basic commands and walks well on the lead.   He can be nervous until he gets to know you but loves lots of TLC.       Conal would be best suited to a family and if children 12 plus.

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Poppy has been successfully rehomed. Poppy is a 7 1/2 year  old Jack Russell.  She is shy and a little nervous so would be best suited to an adult only home where she can relax.   Poppy could live with another dog, if it was a calm dog.

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Muffin & Teddy

Muffin and Teddy are a cute pair of rabbits! Muffin is around 2 years old and has been spayed and vaccinated. When she first arrived she was very aggressive and unpredictable, but once she was spayed we found out she had polycystic ovaries so would have been in pain and her hormones would have been all over the place. Since spaying Muffin calmed down almost instantly, she is now a friendly, happy rabbit who is gradually coming round to the idea of…

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Tia lived at the Sanctuary for several months and then she found a new home.   Here is an update from Edward and Leona who rehomed Tia. "Tia is settling in with us. She is extremely well behaved in the house, is eating her meals, enjoying her walks and settling in very well. We could not have got a better dog and are very lucky to have her.   Attached are some pictures of her." Edward and Leona

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This is Bronson who used to live at Assisi in his new home - he looks superb.

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