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Emma and Ellie

Ellie has been successfully rehomed Emma and Ellie are sisters and they are 7 months old. Ellie is friendly and loves attention and Emma is more reserved and will take a little longer to get to know you. They can be rehomed together or separately.

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Katie (formerly AJ) has settled in so quickly. She's certainly not quiet anymore, anything but!   We love her and she definitely knows she's spoilt, quite the wee missus! Anna Thompson

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Binki in his new home

Hi, here are some pics of Binki on his first day home, he is happy and so loving, I adore him.   Binki is already fond of hide and seek under the dishwasher door and gives me lovely kisses. Jude x …

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Alice has been successfully rehomed Alice is 16 weeks old.  She can be nervous initially but she is very affectionate once she gets to know you.

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Jemina has been successfully rehomed Jemina is 20 weeks old.   She is very affectionate and loves cuddles and playing.

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Conor has been successfully rehomed Conor is a 20 week old male. He hasn't been socialised as a young kitten so wouldn't be suitable to a family with young children as they would want to pick him up and he wouldn't like it.   He does like to play.

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Jelly Bear and Jelly Tot

Jelly Bear and Jelly Tot have been rehomed Jelly Bear and Jelly Tot are  20 week old females.  They are a friendly pair when they get to know you but are shy and need more work with their handling.   They would love a quiet home with no young children.

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Christopher has been reserved Christopher  is a 5 month old male who needs more socialisation.   He is hand shy so would not be suitable to a family with young children and they wouldn't understand not to pick him up.

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Roxie and Stevie

Roxie and Stevie have been rehomed Roxy and Stevie are brother and sister aged 2 ½ years old.   They are quite shy but friendly and are housecats only with no outdoor access. Stevie

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Princess is Rehomed Princess is a beautiful cat and an extremely affectionate cat who loves being stroked and cuddled.   She doesn't like other cats so would need to be the only cat in the household.   Princess was abandoned at the sanctuary so we don't have any background on her but reckon she is about 2 years old and has probably lived indoors so would make a lovely housecat.

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