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Roxy has been rehomed Roxy is a long haired tabby who is around 2 years old.  She is a nice girl and does like to be stroked but only when she wants to be stroked and will let you know when she wants her own space.  She wouldn't be suitable to live with young children as they may not understand when she wants to be on her own.…

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Holly has been successfully rehomed. Meet the gorgeous Holly who came to Assisi on 30 November after her owner passed away.  She is eight years old and very affectionate and loves to sit on your knee.    Holly would need to be a house cat as she has always lived indoors.

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Binki has been successfully rehomed Binki is 20 weeks old and was found in very poor condition in Bangor on 26 October.  We have been nursing Binki back to health since he arrived and he is now ready to find a loving home. We are treating him for Epilepsy and he is repsonding very well.   Binki is a very loving cat but will need to be a housecat.  He will…

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The latest Newsletter is available for download NOW!!

The lastest edition of the Assisi Newsletter is now available for download. CLICK HERE to download your copy. It is a PDF document, you will require Adobe Reader or similar to view it. If you have a story about an Assisi animal that you adopted then why not tell us your story? We have a 'Success Stories'…

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Kenny has been  rehomed Meet the handsome Kenny - a black beauty with the most stunning green eyes.   Kenny is about 16 weeks old.  He is small for his age but is a stunner.   He is quiet and likes to be in the same room with you and will talk to you but doesn't particularly like to be handled.  Kenny will be a housecat.  He is friendly and loves to play and can keep himself amused.…

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Harper has been successfully rehomed Harper is a grey seven month old male.  He is a very friendly housecat and would be suitable for family who are used to cats.  Harper has an eye infection which we are treating and it will clear up quickly.

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Freddo and Archie

Freddo and Archie have been successfully rehomed together Prepare to be smitten - meet Freddo and Archie.  They are both aged 10 weeks but are tiny for their age but they are steadily thriving. Freddo

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Cracker has been successfully rehomed Cracker is a 4-5 year old JR.  He has just arrived at the sanctuary but he will probably be best suited to an adult only house.

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Alfie has been successfully rehomed Alfie is a two year old small black and white lab cross.    He has just arrived at the sanctuary and has not been fully assessed.  If there are children in the family then aged 10 plus.

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Paddy has been successfully rehomed. Paddy is a two year old rough coat lab/terrier.  He has a lovely temperament and will make a great house-dog and could live with children who have dog experience.   Paddy loves company and going for walks.

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