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Buster has been successfully rehomed. Buster is a friendly but independent 5 year old cat.  He likes the outdoors and would prefer a home without other animals or young children.

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Joe has been successfully rehomed. Joe is 2 years old.  He needs access to a safe garden cat but could be introduced to outdoors carefully.  He's not used to being with other cats or dogs, but  loves company, lots of it.

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Spike has been successfully rehomed. Spike is a 4 year old male cat.  Spike is looking for a quiet house with no young children and he would like outdoors access.   He is quite independent and  doesn't like dogs.

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Zoe has been successfully rehomed. Zoe is a very friendly young lady.  She is 8 years old and would like access to outdoors.  She is not used to being with children or other animals.

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Maisie has been rehomed Maisie is a one year old Jack Russell.  She is very loveable and enjoys a lot of human company. Maisie will need training but will make a great house dog.  

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Poppy has been rehomed Poppy is a 2 year old Collie cross, a loveable and playful dog.  She can be slightly nervous of strangers and would be best suited to an adult only home. Poppy does not get on well with other dogs or cats.  She will need some training…

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Lucy has been rehomed Lucy is a 7 month old Golden Labrador/Terrier Cross. She is very friendly and quite playful and is very affectionate and enjoys a lot of human company. Lucy has just arrived at the sanctuary and is still being assessed but we feel she may need house trained and trained in all of her basic manners.

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Indy has been rehomed Indy is a 3 year old black and tan terrier cross.  She is friendly and good with young children.   She is a little shy until she gets to know you.   Indy has just arrived at the sanctuary so she is still being assessed and we don't have a photo of her yet but please call to the sanctuary and meet her.

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Donny has been successfully rehomed. Donny is a handsome, lovely gentle natured Lab/Staff cross.  He is house trained, walks well on and off lead. When off lead he does not go far and will come when called and by whistle. Donny is curious and playful with other dogs and enjoys their company and does not bother cats. Donny will make a great family pet. He loves attention and affection…

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Roxy and Tammy

Roxy and Tammy have successfully rehomed. Roxy is a 3 year old Lurcher and she has lived all her life with her friend Tammy and we are looking for both Roxy and Tammy to be rehomed together.  They are stunning dogs.  Roxy is wearing the purple collar.    If you could offer Roxy and Tammy a home together that would be marvellous.

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