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Francie has been successfully rehomed. Francie is a 12 year old Terrier X.   She is friendly but as she is an older lady she is looking for a quiet adult home.   She loves to play and go for walks but does need to lose some weight.

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Mona has been successfully rehomed. Mona is a 4-5 year old Jack Russell.  She is a lovely friendly girl who loves affection and she is a good walker.

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Alex has been successfully rehomed. Alex is a one year old small terrier. He is an energetic young chap and would be good in a home with children aged 8-10 years upwards who have been around dogs before.

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Jessie has been successfully rehomed. Jessie is a 5 1/2 year old handsome tri-colour collie.  He is a very intelligent boy and would make a very loyal pet although a bit nervous with new experiences. Jessie would need an experienced collie owner and no children as he hasn't been around them before and finds them scary!    He loves a ball and will fetch all day.  Jessie can be okay…

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Carrie has been successfully rehomed. Carrie is a 1 year old Lab X.   She is friendly and boisterous.   Carrie will require all training and manners and would be best suited to a very active family and because she can be boisterous if there are any children it would be better if they are older as she could know them over.

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Jake and Roxy

Jake and Roxy have been successfully rehomed. Jake is a 2 1/2 year old Jack Russell / Corgi Cross and Roxy is a 4 1/2 year old Jack Russell.  They are a pair and need to find a home together.   They have just arrived and are still to be assessed although we know that Roxy loves playing with a tennis ball.

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Davey has been sucessfully rehomed. Davey is a 7 year old Collie Cross.   He is friendly, playful and is good with other dogs.   He is a lovely boy and he walks well on the lead.

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Mojo has been rehomed Mojo is a 3 1/2 year old Boxer Cross.   Mojo would be suitable for an adult only home.   He loves to walk  and play and he has good basic manners but can be intense so would not be suitable for a home with young children.

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Megan has been successfully rehomed. Megan is a one year old Lab.  She is friendly but can be boisterous and would need more training in manners, socialisation and walking on a lead.  She responds well to people so will be easy trained.   Megan can be vocal on the lead when walking past other dogs.    Can be homed with children 8+.

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Louie has been rehomed. Louie is a 3 1/2 year old Pom.  He is friendly and would be good with children aged 13 upwards.  He is good with large dogs and has lived with a German Shepard and small dogs. He is a lovely boy and is very affectionate though nervous initially.  He would not be good with cats.

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