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Demy and Derby – Special Appeal for foster home

Demy and Derby have found a foster home Could you offer these two cuties a foster home?   This is 1 year old brother and sister Demy and Derby and they have been at the Sanctuary from they were 6 weeks old.  They have a condition called corona virus which is a degenerative condition which is why we are seeking a special long-term foster home. Assisi will cover the cost of any medical…

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Hi Assisi,  just wanted to share our story with you.We adopted Rocky nearly 3 years ago (he was formerly known as Rocket).  We picked him as we wanted an older more settled dog as i am a chilminder and have a 9 year old daughter we thought he would be a little calmer than a pup. What can I say, he is the best wee dog, he loves his tennis balls and loves to swim especially in Helen's Tower lake, very hard to get him out once he is in though!…

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Buzz – happy and content

Hi,   I have attached some pics of Buzz I thought you would like to see.  Buzz has settled in really well and enjoys sleeping on the sofa.  We are very happy that we made the decision to visit Assisi and find Buzz.  Many thanks to everyone at Assisi for giving us Buzz. Peter Peacock

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Gandalf – a fast man

Hi all Just thought we would give you an update on how Gandalf (formerly Harry) is getting on in his new home! He settled in very well, and was quite placid and quiet at the start but after he got to know us his personality really started to come out! He definetly loves his comforts and a very lazy and loveable gentleman.  We take him to a dog exercise field once a week or so on top of his regular walks for a good run…

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Tinker has been successfully rehomed. This handsome fella is Tinker and he's looking for a loving home.   He is approx 3 years old and still very playful. He arrived at the Sanctuary with sore eyes and has corneal scarring on his right eye but it doesn't phase him.   Tinker is a loving guy just seeking a home to call his own and a few toys to stalk.    Please call up and meet him in the Sanctuary.…

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These two quirky cats deserve some love!

Duffy is a handsome boy, just look at those beautiful eyes! He is only two years old and is looking for love. Duffy is a shy boy who needs a bit of time to get to know new people, so a few 'dates' would need to be arranged! Once he gets to know you he is very loving and affectionate. As he is so shy he would need a quiet home, where there are no very young children. He would love to have access to a safe garden once he has settled in. He fancies…

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Coco and Crimson

Coco and Crimson has been rehomed This is Coco and Crimson who are available for rehoming.  They are quite shy initially but come round pretty quick.   They are two little sisters but can be rehomed separately. They would be best suited to a home with no young children or dogs.

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Keenan has been rehomed. This little smiler is Keenan. He is one year old and he is a very friendly little guy seeking a loving home with access to outdoors. Why not call to the Sanctuary and meet him - you won't be disappointed.

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Dalton, Dollar and Dippy

Dalton, Dollar and Dippy have been rehomed This is Dalton, Dollar and Dippy. They are approx 5 months old and are brothers. Dippy is a very sociable little character but Dalton and Dollar are a bit more timid.   If you are interested in a kitten please call to the Sanctuary and meet them.

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We are looking for love.

Monty is a distinguished older gentleman at 10 years old. He is our resident 'grumpy old man' who prefers his own company so would need to be the only cat in the household.   Monty can often be seen sunbathing or taking a stroll around 'his manor' before having an afternoon nap.    He doesn't particularly like being stroked; this may partly be due to the fact he had an air gun pellet in his back when he arrived at Assisi.     …

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