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Sparky in his new home

Sparky is settling in well and enjoys playing with a football in the garden and with his sqeaky toys and ball in the house.  He has been perfectly behaved, both at home and when out walking.  He is also very good in the car and travels well.  He enjoys having his belly scratched and will even let us play with his feet.  We haven't attempted to give him a bath yet, but that will be one of this weekend's tasks.  As you can see from the…

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Could you be their valentine..?

Jorja is a tabby and white cat who is seeking a long term relationship. She is an easy going girl, who is quite affectionate and likes being cuddled and petted. Jorja is also a fun-loving moggy who enjoys playing with cat toys. She is very sociable with other felines which means she could go to a home with other cats. Jorja was very nervous when she arrived and has become more confident now. She is a beautiful girl who has the longest whiskers in…

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Meet Bonnie – a special lady

Bonnie has been rehomed. This is Bonnie and she is approx 12 years old (may be older).  We are seeking a very special home for Bonnie as she has very little sight and is deaf. Bonnie will need to be an indoor cat and she would need a home with no children and no other animals. She has such a loving nature and just loves being groomed and getting attention.   If you feel you could give…

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Corry has been successfully rehomed. This cheeky little rascal is Corry.   He's approx 6 months old and is a very affectionate and loveable little guy. Corry is looking for a family home with access to outdoors. Please call to the sanctuary and meet him.

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Spike has been rehomed Spike is a one year old Terrier cross.  He is friendly although can also be boisterous but he is still a young dog.   Spike has just arrived so he is still being assessed but please feel free to call and meet him.

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Rocky has been successfully rehomed. Rocky is a one year old Lab Cross.   He is friendly big boy although he can be a little shy until he gets to know you.  Rocky is good with all ages of children.   He has just arrived at the sanctuary and is still being assessed but please call and meet him.

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Polly has been reserved Polly is a 6 year old Terrier Cross. She is friendly but can be a little boisterous.

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Cody has been successfully rehomed. Cody is a 4 year old friendly tri-colour Collie cross.   She is a settled dog and is very sociable and good with children although not good with cats.  Cody is quite well mannered but can get excited when she meets people.    Please call and see her at the sanctuary.    

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Lucy settling in

This is Lucy who was known as Raven when she was at the sanctuary.   This is Lucy who has grown since she left us, settling in to her new home and her new friends.   Good luck Lucy.   

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Reeves has been successfully rehomed. Reeves is a lovely Golden Retriever.  He is about 3 - 4 years old and is friendly and playful   He has just arrived at the sanctuary and is still being assessed.  Why not call and meet this lovely dog.

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