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Ronnie has been successfully rehomed Ronnie is a tabby and white and  is approx 4 years old.   She would be best suited as the only cat in the household.

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Misty has been successfully rehomed. Misty is a 12 year old Tortie.  She is very affectionate and is good with children and dogs.  Misty is looking for a quiet household with access to outside.       She is finding cattery life intimidating - could you offer this lovely cat a home - call to the cattery and meet her.

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Izzy and Gypsy

Izzy and Gypsy have been rehomed together Izzy and Gypsy are two stunning black cats.  They are sisters and need to be homed together.  They are both friendly and are 12 years young.   Living in a sanctuary environment is not fair on these two lovely cats - could you give them a loving home - please call and see them.

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Sam has been rehomed Sam is a handsome black Lab cross.   He is not long with us and is still being assessed but call to the sanctuary and meet him.

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Jack has been successfully rehomed. Jack is a tan and white Jack Russell.   He is not long with us and still being assessed but as you can see from his photos he loves playing with a ball.

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Chrissey has been successfully rehomed. Chrissey is a black and tan collie cross.

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Alex has been successfully rehomed. Alex is a 1 year old tan Jack Russell Cross.  He is good in a home environment and has lived with children who were aged 3- 18.   Alex loves company and sitting beside you.  He loves playing and walks well on a lead.

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Herbie has been successfully rehomed. Herbie is a black and white collie pyrenean cross.   He is a lovely friendly, calm, cuddly dog who would be suitable for any family.

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Holly has been successfully rehoed. Holly is a red setter cross.  She is a very active energetic dog who will need an active family.  She will make a great family dog but will need to have a good routine.

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Patch has been successfully rehomed. Patch is a 7 year old tan and white Jack Russell.   He is a friendly happy dog who can be homed with kids but not with cats as he has a high chase instinct.  Patch is good with other dogs.

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