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Thank you to Sainsburys Bangor

Thank you to the Management and staff of Sainsburys, Bangor who allowed us to hold a Door Collection at their Bangor store today. Many thanks to all the shoppers who were very generous and gave our volunteers gifts of cash and / or food for the animals or cleaning materials for use at the Sanctuary.   We raised £644.72  - thank you to all of you for your support for Assisi.

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Gege at Home

Just a wee snap of GeGe. Very happy and contented. She is now a full member of the family. Joan

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Ruby in her new home

I have attached pictures of Ruby (known as Cherry at Assisi) who we got on 14 /02/11.  She lives with my husband and myself and her sister/best friend Smoky and two cats Hoby and Freddy who all get on brilliantly.  Smoky joined us a few weeks after Ruby and the two of them grew up together. Ruby loves swimming, chasing sticks and her ball which she even sleeps with, Smoky loves following Ruby around like a wee sister. Both dogs have been assessed…

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Kali is a 8 year old tortie and white girl , she is friendly and affectionate but on her own terms. Kali is okay with dogs but she does not get on with other cats. Kali is Diabetic and only has partial vision so she would need a quiet home with no children and a regular routine. Kali will need insulin injections twice a day (12 hours apart) but Assisi will cover the cost of treatment and medication in relation to her diabetes.

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Ella and Ozzy

Ella and Ozzy have been rehomed Ella and Ozzy are 6 years old and very bonded and arrived at the sanctuary after their owner died.   They are very quiet but affectionate and groom each other.    The would want to be the only cats in the house and wouldn't be suitable for dogs and if there are children in the family then aged 10+.   They would need to have access to a safe garden…

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Alexa has been rehomed Alexa is three years old and came into the sanctuary last year as a mummy with babies.   She is okay with other cats and with dogs and could go to a family where if there are children they are aged 10+.  Alexa will want access to a safe garden environment.  She is independent but playful.

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Twinkle has been successfully rehomed Twinkle is two and half years old.  She loves her food and is a very big girl.  Twinkle needs a safe garden environment to run around in.   She doesn't like other cats but is okay with dogs and could go to a family with children if they are aged 10+.

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FiFi has been successfully rehomed. Fifi is 11 years old.  She came into the sanctuary because her owner was emigrating.  She doesn't like other cats but is okay with dogs and could go to a family with children aged 10+. Fifi is a very affectionate loving girl and she is looking for a quiet home with access to a safe garden environment.

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Buttons has been successfully rehomed Buttons is a 4 year old black cat.  She is very nervous when she first meets you but once she gets to know you she is a friendly girl.  Buttons needs a quiet home and if there are children then aged 10+.

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Abbey has been successfully rehomed Abbey is a one year old pure grey cat with lovely amber eyes.   She came to the sanctuary as a stray but she is not coping with sanctuary life and is very stressed.  She doesn't like to be handled.   Abbey will need an experienced cat owner who will give her lots of Tender Loving Care and patience.   She is okay with cats. If you feel you could…

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