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Larry has been successfully rehomed. Larry is approximately 3 years old.  He was found locked in a shed with Liz and Lana.   He will need an experienced owner and access to a garden.   Larry is a very affectionate and playful cat but would be best suited to a household with adults only as can play rough with hands.    He would also need to be the only cat in the house.

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Angel has been successfully rehomed. Angel is an 11 month old Collie pup, who has just come in to the sanctuary.  Once she's fully assesed, we'll update this info.  But as you can see, she just loves playing fetch in the garden, and is very obedient!

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Minka has been successfully rehomed. Minki is 3 years old, and is very cute and affectionate.  She still acts like a kitten and loves to play. She could go to a household which has children if they have been around cats but wouldn't want to live with another cat although she is okay with dogs.

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Toby has been rehomed This very handsome young fella is Toby. He's 3 years old and super affectionate. Toby has been brought up as a housecat and has never been outside so would have to be rehomed as a house cat only. He would be best suited to a home with no other animals. Please call up and meet him if you're interested in re homing him.

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Guinness has been rehomed. Guinness is a 10 month old pup who is friendly, playful, boisterous and can be a bit cheeky.   He needs a family who will work on his basic manners, especially lead walking.  He could be rehomed to a home with children, as long as they are 15+.

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Dolly has been rehomed. Dolly is a 2 year old Cockapoo.  Dolly needs to be rehomed with experienced dog owners who are at home most of the day.  She gets on well with other dogs, but doesn't like cats.  We are looking for a home where she is the only dog, as she needs lots of 1-1 attention.  Dolly is good with older children.

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Alfie has been successfully rehomed. Alfie is an 8 month old Jack Russell X.  He's still being assessed, but he is a lovely friendly, energetic pup. He needs work on basic manners as he can be boisterous.

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Boots has been successfully rehomed Boots is a 1 1/2 year old Terrier X.   He is friendly and playful and would be best suited to an active family.

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Dasher has been rehomed Dasher is a 2 year old male Collie X.  He's very friendly, affectionate playful and obedient.  He would be best suited to an active family, and is good with young children and other dogs.

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Bane has been successfully rehomed. Bane is a 1 1/2 year old Collie cross.  He is a good all round dog and walks immaculately on the lead.  Why not call up to the sanctuary to see this boy!

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