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Biff has been rehomed Biff  is a one year old golden Lab.  He is very boisterous and has had little training but he is responsive.  Biff will make a lovely companion when trained.

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Sad Farewell to Timmy

It is with great sadness that we tell you about the passing of Timmy.   Timmy was our oldest and longest resident.  He came to the sanctuary in 2005 and it was thought he was about 7 years of age then, which would make him around 15  years of age.   A great age to reach for a dog. Timmy can only be described as a character.   He was a Corgi German Shepherd cross and although he was the size of a Corgi, he firmly believed he was the size of…

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Merle has been rehomed Merle is a 1 1/2 year old Lurcher.   He has had very little socialisation to date and is very nervous  but accepting new things very fast.    We are looking for an owner who has had previous experience of owning a nervous dog.

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Max has been rehomed Max is a 2 year old friendly Yorkie.   He has just arrived with us and will be assessed over the next week. …

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Roman has been successfully rehomed. Roman is a 3 year old black and white Collie.  He is very friendly but needs a collie owner who understands the breed.

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Polly has been successfully rehomed. Polly is a Chocolate Lab.  She came into us from a difficult background and will need someone at home most of the time.   She could live with a family but will need time to settle in.

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Lady has been rehomed Lady is a 7 month old Collie German Shepherd X.  She is a very intelligent girl and would benefit from an experienced owner.   Lady is affectionate and loves to play but she needs continued training.

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Twix has been rehomed. Twix is a 2 year old springer.  He is friendly and playful and loves company and lots of TLC.  He loves to play with his toys but he can be possessive of food so if there are children in the family then 16 plus.

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Towser has been successfully rehomed. Towser is a four year old Collie X.   He loves to play fetch with anything.   He would be suitable for a busy adult household with lots of activity.

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Sophie has been successfully rehomed. Sophie is a delightful scruffy terrier.  She is always happy and will make a great companion for someone who enjoys walking and socialising.

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