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Tyson has been successfully rehomed. Tyson is a 14 month old Lab X.   He is nervous of new people initially but friendly when he gets to know you.   Tyson has hip dysplasia which he is on medication for and exercise would be limited to his capabilities and on vet's advice.     The cost of medication for the hip dysplasia will be paid for by Assisi.

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Max and Minx have been successfully rehomed. Max and Minx are a stunning pair of Labradors.  They are friendly big doggies who love to go for strolls along the beach, in the forest or wherever your heart desires! A game of fetch is always welcome too! They are great at cuddles and have so much love to give, they would make a great addition to any family. Max and Minx would love to stay…

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Maya has been rehomed Maya is a 5 year old Jack Russell.  She is a nervous little lady and will need a confident experienced terrier owner.

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Sox has been rehomed. Sox is approximately two years old and is a Lab X.   He is friendly and playful but can be boisterous as he is still a very excitable young dog.  He is good with other dogs but because of his excitability if there are children in the home then it would be best if they were 1o years plus.

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Sun Safety for Animals

While the warmer weather is upon us it is important to remember that animals can suffer from the same problems that humans do if they are exposed to the sun, including sunburn, overheating and dehydration. Here are some of our top tips to help you prevent this. Cats Always ensure your cat has a shady area to retreat to on a warm day. Cats are particularly prone to skin cancer so ensure you apply a high factor sun cream…

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Toby has been reserved

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Dandy has been successfully rehomed.

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Rocky has been rehomed Rocky is about 18 months old.  He is a lovely big guy who loves people and craves affection.  He is good with other dogs and loves nothing better than a good wrestle.  Rocky can be homed with children aged 5 plus due to his size.

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Dondi has successfully rehomed. Dondi is a 14 month old Lab X.   She is friendly and playful and is good with other dogs.   Dondi needs further work on her basic manners and boisterousness.

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Brodie has been rehomed Brodie is a 9 month Lab X.   He is a young dog and is boisterous and will need someone who has time to spend with him teaching him manners.  Brodie has just arrived with us so he is still being assessed.

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