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Bingo has been rehomed. I'm a 6 month old Jack Russell,  I'm a cheeky chappie who needs some guidance.   I make friends with everyone and love to play.  Because I am a bit boisterous I would be suited to a home with children older than 8.

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Snoop has been rehomed Snoop is a one year old Border Collie.   He is a friendly boy and loves going for walks    He has the potential to be a brilliant companion.  He would benefit from company and training.  Snoop can be selective with other dogs, and would be suitable for an active family, with children aged 6+.  Collie experience would be preferable.

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The lovely Emily has been rehomed  Emily is a pure black 10 year old cat,   She has a cataract in one eye and has no teeth.   Emily is very small but what she doesn't have in size she makes up for in personality.  She is very affectionate and enjoys playing with toys and human company.  Emily would like access to a safe garden.

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Dee Dee

Dee Dee has been rehomed Dee Dee is 7 - 8 months old, she is very inquisitive and loves being petted.  She would love a nice garden to play in and a nice warm basket as she loves to snooze.

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Queenie has been rehomed. Queenie is very very affectionate.  She loves being picked up and cuddled and is also very playful.   Queenie loves playing with toys, especially her ball and her cuddly Piglet.   She is 7 - 8 months and would be a lovely addition to any family.

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Oscar relaxing in his new home

Oscar recently left the sanctuary for his new home and here are some photos of him and a message from his new owner. Oscar will never be back at the sanctuary except to visit.   He is a real character with a big heart who just wants to please.  He is a walk in the park to look after.  Eric 3.1.14  -  new photo added of Oscar watching TV

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Harry getting used to his new home

Larry had a bad start and didn't settle into life in the cattery well, so we are all delighted that Susan has given him a new home and know that once he gets used to his new surroundings he will be a lovely pet.    Below is a message from Susan. Thank you to everyone at Assisi for looking after Larry (now called Harry) so well.  I could tell when I left with him on Saturday, that you were very fond of him and sad to see him go.   He…

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Meet Ollie McGrugan

This is Ollie McGrugan who we adopted from Assisi. When we went to look at dogs we were told that his litter and some others had Parvo virus and that we would have to wait to see him - he was the last puppy.  When we went to see him he was tiny and we were told his name was Chunky, we all loved him as soon as we seen him! When we got him home he had already grown a little bit, but he wasn't allowed to go outside so on his first walk he was so excited!! …

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PATCHES HAS BEEN RE-HOMED Patches is a handsome 14 week old male guinea pig. Cheeky is as cheeky does with this little chap! He is such a character and has a lot to say for himself! Patches loves to be cuddled and his favourite place to be is under your chin! He is very active and loves to rearrange his cage so that everything is where he likes it to be. We never seem to get it right! Patches is desperate…

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ROMEO HAS BEEN RE-HOMED. Romeo is a handsome 1 year old male guinea pig. He has been castrated as he was not getting on with other male guineas. He is a cheeky boy who has lots of character! He loves to be cuddled and fussed over, but when he has had enough he will nibble at you to let you know! Romeo loves his home comforts and prefers to sleep  in a fleecy bed rather than 'slum' it on the hay! Hay is for eating…

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