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Holly has been successfully rehomed. Holly is a 9 year old Terrier X.  She is very active and loves her walks.  Holly loves human company and cuddles.   Photo to follow.

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Cissie has been successfully rehomed. Cissie is a very nervous collie.   She will need a very experienced collie owner who will have lots of time and patience to spend with her.   She is still being assessed and we think maybe a home with no young children.

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Chase has been successfully rehomed. Chase is a black Collie X.   He is approximately one year old.  Chase will need an active family which no young children.   The family will need to have experience of collies and be willing to continue his training.     Photo to follow.

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BB at home

This is BB ( formally Sasha).   Sasha came to the sanctuary with her mum who has also been rehomed.    Here are some photos and a comment from BB's new parent. BB has been with us 3 weeks now and is so much loved.   She is so friendly and has a great character.  BB loves hugs and kisses.  She had her second jab last week and has taken to walking on her leash great and best of all, she is almost…

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Timothy has been successfully rehomed. Timothy is a stunning Tibetan X.    Timothy would be best suited as an only pet in a quiet, adult only home. He lacks social skills around other dogs. He loves human company and enjoys a walk (preferably away from other dogs) but patience and training may help this given time.  

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Roxy at home

Below is an update on Roxy who was rehomed recently. Hi there.   Here are some recent photos of Roxy.  She has settled in with us.   Her coat had to be all shaved  due to being matted and knotted close to her skin.   In many ways it's like looking at two different dogs when you compare her orginal look.  Her coat is starting to grow and she is slowly gaining weight and her wee personality is fantastic and she is such a smart, well trained…

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Rana (previously Jenny)

This is Jenny relaxing in her new home.  Some of you may remember her from a few months ago.   She came to Assisi from PDSA after being hit by a car and having to have her eye removed.  She also had to have parts of her ears removed because she had the first signs of pre-cancerous cells. Jenny was adopted by Hollie and she has sent us these lovely photos and this message.…

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