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Alfie has been successfully rehomed. Alfie is a 10 month old Collie Cross.  He will need a home that can provide him with a good routine.  He is a very people orientated dog and loves company but will need lots of work with regard to his basic manners and walking on a lead.   Photo to follow.

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Babs has been rehomed. Babs is a typical 6 month old Lab/Collie Cross pup.  She will benefit from basic manners training and would be suitable for any family as long as she gets the training she requires.   As she is a young pup she is bouncey in her behaviour so could knock over a young child.    Photo to follow.

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Pepper has been rehomed. Pepper is an 18 month old Collie Cross.  She is slightly nervous until she gets to know you.   Pepper has lived with children.   She is new to the sanctuary and is still  being assessed.  Photo to follow.

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Shadow has been rehomed Shadow is a 1 year old Lab.   She is playful, friendly and affectionate but can be a little timid at times.   Shadow is great with other dogs and people and would be fine with children as long as they weren't too loud or rough. Shadow is new to the sanctuary so no photo at the moment.

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Kim joined me two years ago. I was thrilled this week when someone commented on what a hppy dog she is and I took this this photograph this morning. Lindsey

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Brock has been successfully rehomed Brock is a 5 year old Golden Retriever.   He is friendly but can be a bit cheeky and likes to get his own way.  Brock would suit an active family and one which will set firm rules for him as he can be headstrong and will push to get his own way.  If there are children in the family then best they are older.

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Amy has been successfully rehomed. Amy is a 4 month Lab Terrier Cross.  She can initially be very nervous of new people but comes around when she gets to know you.   Amy needs a loving home where she can settle into a routine and feel secure, get lots of TLC and confidence building.    Photo to follow

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Dexter has been successfully rehomed. Dexter is about eight months old and is a Black and White Collie / Spaniel Cross.  He is a typical pup - playful and friendly.   Dexter is good with young children and other dogs but he will need further basic manners training and possibly house training.   He will need an active family.

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Darwin has been rehomed Darwin is a 1 1/2 year old Black Lab.   He is not long with us and is still being assessed but he is a lovely boy and will make a good pet.

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Ralph has been successfully rehomed. Ralph is a 1 year old Terrier Cross.  He is not long with us but seems very friendly and loves affection and would make a perfect companion.  He is great with people and children and walks well on the lead.

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