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Chance of a Lifetime Success Story

We hope you enjoy reading the message below which was received about the Chance of a Lifetime Programme Dear Chance of a Lifetime team, We adopted this lovely boy from Evesham Dogs Trust in August this year. We were told he'd come from Ireland through your programme. I've just viewed your website for the first time and am incredibly touched as well as personally grateful for the brilliant…

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Bunny & Ralph

Bunny and Ralph are a wonderful pair of rabbits. They are both two years old and have been vaccinated and castrated. Bunny is quite shy in comparison to Ralph. She will be unsure of new people and new things until they become more familiar to her. She will do anything for a treat, so that is a great way to gain her trust! Ralph is a cheeky chappie with a huge personality! He is into everything and will climb all over you for a treat! One of his favourite…

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Dara has been successfully rehomed. Dara is a very special girl, she is 3 years old and has been in and out of the Sanctuary a couple of times. Recently she fell out with her sister, Fanta, and they had to be separated. It was found that both rabbits were unwell which had resulted in their relationship breakdown. We were unsuccessful in trying to reintroduce them. Dara has a very low tolerance…

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Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie & Clyde have been successfully re-homed! Bonnie and Clyde are brother and sister who arrived with us last year after their elderly owner could no longer look after them. They spent a bit of time in a foster home as they needed to lose a lot of weight! These two are both around 5 years old now and have been vaccinated and neutered. They make a brilliant pair of rabbits as they are full of life…

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China has been rehomed China is approx 1 years old.  She came to the sanctuary as a stray with kittens, and is looking for a home with access to a safe garden.  China can be a bit wary at first until she gets to know you but then she is very friendly and playful.   She really doesn't like other cats and if there are children in the household then aged 10+.

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Delighted to say that Patrick has been successfully rehomed. Patrick is an eighteen month old Tri-colour Collie.   He is a very friendly loving dog who loves to play.  Patrick would suit a family where he is not going to be left alone very much.  He is good with young children and other dogs. Patrick came to us as a stray who had probably been hit by a car and…

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Stanley has been rehomed. Hi, I'm a 1 year old ex racer, (not a good one) and I need a new home. I am a bit nervous in new situations but I love cuddles. I am a very handsome brindle colour and will be an excellent companion. I'm not built for stamina, so a couple of gentle walks daily is all I need, oh and a comfy bed.

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Roxy has been successfully rehomed. Roxy is a 1 year old Terrier X.  She needs an adult home.  Roxy is a friendly girl who enjoys a cuddle but she also likes time on her own.  She doesn't get on with cats. …

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Chalky has been rehomed Chalky is a 2 year old Lurcher.   She is a nervous dog  but accepting new things very fast.    We are looking for an owner who has had previous experience of owning a nervous dog.    Chalky would be best suited to an adult only household.

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Wispy has been successfully rehomed. Wispy is a happy vocal cairn mix. He likes bigger dogs and loves to walk and play.  Wispy needs more training and would best suit a home with children aged 8+.

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