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Mason has been successfully rehomed. Do you like to walk?    Want to have the unconditional love of a pet?  See results from spending quality training time with your pet (15 mins is enough)? Then come and meet Mason.   He is a 3 year old black lab, who is friendly and boisterous and looking for his new family.  Mason would be suitable to a family with children but because…

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Ollie has been rehomed. Ollie is a 1 year old wire haired terrier.  He is an affectionate, loving and playful dog but can get over excited.   He would be best suited to be the only pet in an adult only home due to his tendency to get over excited.

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Ozzie has been successfully rehomed.. Ozzie is a 2 year old Cocker Spaniel.   He can be headstrong so needs an experienced Cocker Spaniel owner.   Ozzie would need a quiet adult only home.    Could you give this special boy a home.

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Elvis has found a foster home. Elvis is a 6 year old gentle giant. He desperately needs surgery done on both back legs.  Could you provide Elvis with a foster home for a few months?   He is on a pre-surgery muscle building routine which will continue until he is ready for surgery. There will be vet visits and different post surgery routines that will need followed. …

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Bruce has been successfully rehomed. Bruce is a nervous little boy who will need time spent helping him to overcome this.  He is 7  months old and is a Merle Collie.  Bruce is a lovely affectionate dog when he gets to know you and will make a nice pet.   He will also need on-going manners and possibly house training.    Bruce is not long with us so still being assessed and a photo will follow.

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Rodney is a more mature gentleman who has been here at Assisi for a few years now. He has made himself very at home in the Cattery. Rodney is definitely the boss up in the cattery and enjoys reminding the staff of this fact!    

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Thatch is a handsome 7 year old terrier who has been with us for several years. Thatch can be selective about which humans and dogs he makes friends with so we were all surprised when he decided on a lovely foster home with a human and several dogs and is enjoying himself immensely. Thatch also suffers with a skin condition and has a persistent cough that requires daily medication and inhalers. By sponsoring Thatch you are helping us pay for the…

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Flick is only 5 years old but had such a bad start in life it has left him very un-trusting of humans. The staff here have been working hard with Flick over the past year and have helped him make friends with a few selective volunteers. One very kind volunteer takes Flick home for short breaks away from the Sanctuary, he enjoys these breaks and is much more settled when he returns.

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Patrick has been at Assisi since 2010, he was only 6 months old when he arrived here after being found straying. I have trouble with my teeth which means he requires regular check-ups with the vet and sometimes requires an operation to correct his teeth so they don’t hurt. Patrick is a favourite among the staff, he lives inside the shed as a house rabbit. He loves his home comforts and expects to be spoiled. By sponsoring Patrick you are helping…

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Tabitha has been with us for a long time now. She arrived in 2002 at only one year old. Tabitha was a frightened young mum who had four lovely kittens. Her kittens were successfully socialised but Tabitha was too nervous of humans so she was moved in to Harmony House. Tabitha remains very nervous of people but will accept chicken treats from the volunteers she has become familiar with. Recently Tabitha has had a few health issues. Your sponsorship…

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