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It is with deep sadness that we have to tell you that Jeunet passed away today.   She had been unwell for the last few days and following a visit to the vet it was found that she had a large chest tumour.  We are all sad as she was a gentle old lady who came to us as a result of creulty which left her very wary of people.  Whilst with us she was happy with all her cat friends in the cattery and was well fed and had a comfortable home.  We will…

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Flame has been successfully rehomed. Flame is a 4-5 month old crossbreed pup.  As she is so young she will need a lot of training and socialisation.  Due to her boisterous and playful nature, she would be best suited with children aged 7+.

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Bella, Daisy, Freda & Tilly

Bella and her family have been successfully rehomed. Bella and her family came to us with Oscar and their two sons Henry and George. Bella lives with her daughters. Bella is just over a year old and is very loving, she loves to be cuddled, but is still quite unsure about being picked up, however, she is improving daily. Freda and Tilly are the youngest at only 12 weeks old. Both are very nervous,…

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Oscar and George

Oscar and George have been successfully rehomed. Oscar and George are father and son. They get on really well and seem to enjoy doing 'father and son things' like sharing a carrot and chewing a cardboard box together. Oscar is just  over a year old and has  been castrated. George is around 7 months old and will be castrated in the new year. This is to avoid hormonal aggression issues that could…

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Henry has been successfully rehomed. Meet Henry, isn't he cute?! Henry is around 7 months old and arrived here recently along with his mum, dad, brother and sisters. Unfortunately Henry had to be separated from his dad and brother as he was fighting with them, our attempts to reintroduce him have been unsuccessful. Henry will now be castrated and will find a nice lady friend or two! Henry is incredibly…

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Sam has been successfully rehomed. Sam is a 2 year old Golden Lab.   He is a boisterous boy who is extremely loving.   Sam could live with any age of children and is used to kids aged 3+.   He has previously lived with cats so with correct introductions he should be okay with them.  Sam is prone to separation

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Wrap-athon at Waterstones

One of our supporters - Sarah Patterson did a  'Wrap-athon' at Waterstones on Saturday 21 December.  She wrapped from 10am-5pm and managed to raise a grand sum of £131.54 (and also 20 cents!). She also heard lots of great stories from people who know Assisi and donations from people who did not even need gifts wrapped! She also met lots of very appreciative, busy people who were delighted to get their pressies wrapped too! Well done Sarah and…

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Barney in his new home

Hi all, please see picture of Barney. He has settled well with us and is part of the family.    

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3 Kittens dumped in a bag!

Kittens in a bag! Just another normal day leading up to Christmas for us here at Assisi. Yesterday an elderly couple found these three lively beauties abandoned in a bag and kindly brought them to us straight away. All three kittens are healthy and will be looking for homes after Christmas.

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Max has been successfully rehomed. Max is a 4 year old Jack Russell.   He is extremely affectionate and loves spending time with people on a 1 to 1 basis.  We are seeking an adult only home for Max as he does not like to share his toys.  He is selective over the dogs he likes so ideally needs to be the only animal in the home.

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