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Rufus has been successfully rehomed. Rufus is a 6 year old Jack Russell. He is seeking a quiet adult only home where he can enjoy some peace and quiet.  Rufus can be affectionate on his terms but also enjoys his own space.  He could live with a cat following correct introductions but would prefer to be the only dog. It was discovered that Rufus had an old…

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Hope has been successfully rehomed Hope is a 2-3 year old Greyhound.   She is timid and a little shy.  Hope has gained in confidence since arriving at the sanctuary but needs a quiet home where her confidence building can be continued.  For this reason we are seeking an adult only home for her.  She has a heart condition and Assisi will continue to pay for her medication.  …

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Troy has been successfully rehomed. Troy is an eight month old Jack Russell Collie X.  He is a very lively boy who will need an active home.  Troy can be vocal when bored so will need to be kept mentally stimualated.  He is still being assessed with other dogs. We don't have a photo of Troy but do call and meet him.

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Ciara has been successfully rehomed. Update on Ciara Hi folks,    Just a quick update on Ciara to let you know how she is settling in.  She didn't want to get in the car, and then she didn't want to go into the house, fun and games!  She settled in the sitting room ok, but to get her into kitchen or out to garden we have to use the lead to gently coax her.  When she is out in the garden she doesn't want…

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Cain has been successfully rehomed. Eight month old Cain is a very clever black and white Collie. He will need a home that can help him work on his manners and keep him mentally stimulated. He can be nippy so for this reason would be best suited with children over the age of 12. Cain likes other dogs.   We are preferably looking for a home with experience of the Collie breed.

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December edition of PawPrints now available!

Our December edition of our newsletter, PawPrints, is now availabe to download. It has been a busy year for Assisi and all of the staff and animals would like to thank our supporters and volunteers for all of your help and support over the year, and for the next year to come. Without your help we wouldn't be able to save so many needy little animals. We hope you enjoy reading our newsletter, as always, paper copies are available from Reception at…

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Buster has been successfully rehomed. Buster is a mature collie cross. He has a very settled behaviour and would make a great family pet. He is suitable for a mature family who would be home a lot. Buster has just spent a few days at the home of one of our dog walkers and her husband to give him a break from sanctuary life and to see how he got on in a home environment.   Here is her report: ......…

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Winter is Coming – Urgent Appeal

At Assisi we have some elderly cats who really can't spend another cold winter in the cattery.   We are looking for people to foster them over the winter for a few months and hopefully indefinitely.   All they need is some food and  nice warm home. They demand very little attention as they sleep most of the time!   Assisi will cover the cost of any medication they need.   If you think you can help. please contact Assisi.

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Evie has been successfully rehomed. Evie is 14 weeks old and is a pure white kitten. She is very friendly and could go to a home with children and other animals. We don't have a photo of Evie but call to the Kitten Unit and meet her.

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Tim has been successfully rehomed. Tim is 13 weeks old and is a black and white kitten. He is quite nervous but loves cuddles. He can scare easily so would be best suited to children who are well used to cats or are aged 10+. No photo yet but call to the Kitten Unit and meet him.

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