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Mojo is now rehomed. Mojo is a 6 yr old Terrier.  He is a friendly little dog one-to-one  who likes people but he does not like other dogs, cats or rabbits.   Mojo needs a home with an experienced Terrier owner who will continue to work with his handling issues and set the rules for him as his training has continued to improve his behaviour.  Mojo cannot go to a home with any other animals.

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Dora has been rehomed Dora is a playful 4.5 year old Collie x who enjoys human company and lots of affection.  Her favourite game to play is fetch and will retrieve and leave the ball.  She is a very settled girl who would be best suited to an active household with children who are used to being around dogs.

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Belle has been successfully rehomed.

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Rosco has been rehomed. Rosco is an energetic Retriever x Collie! At only one year old he still has an endless amount of energy and as you can see he loves to play with balls. He knows how to sit and often voluntarily lies down! Rosco needs an active home with plenty of time to teach him new things, experience with collies would be preferable. He has the mind of a collie and gets bored easily.…

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This photo is of Chuck, who is now answering to the name Frankie.  He is totally spoilt and is a smart boy, loved by all callers to our home.   Frankie loves getting to the fire at night and takes over the settee and my recliner. This picture was taken last Monday and as you can see I was relegated to a hard seat. Edward    

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Ivy has been rehomed. Ivy has just arrived at the Sanctuary and is being assessed.  Why not call up and see her.

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Sparky has been rehomed. Sparky has just arrived at Assisi and is still being assessed.  Why not come up and see him.

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Benji has been successfully rehomed. Benji is a very active 2 year old Collie x who loves to bounce about and play with his tennis ball.  Benji has good basic manners but his lead walking needs a bit of work.  We are seeking an active family with children over the age of 6 years as he showed signs of being boisterous at his inital assessment.  Photograph to follow.

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John-Joe has been rehomed. John-Joe is a lovely and affectionate 15 month old Bearded Collie X.  He is a lively lad who loves to play with his toys! John-Joe is looking for an active family who have plenty of time to spend playing with him and to continue to further his training as he is a very smart dog.

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Mia has been rehomed. Mia is friendly 18 month old Labrador x. She is a big, friendly dog who just loves to play! Mia has proved to be very easy to train and quickly learned how to 'sit' and 'wait', she would benefit from lots more training as she is so keen to learn and is very eager to please. Mia requires further work on her lead walking as she can still be quite strong, she has improved a lot since…

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