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Jackson is now rehomed. This very lucky boy is Jackson. He is approx 8-10 yrs old and has recently had an operation on his hip due to a road traffic accident. He requires a quiet forever home with access to a safe garden once he's completely recovered. Jackson is a very friendly guy and loves to purr

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Elvis and Costello

Elvis and Costello have now been rehomed. These little beauties are Elvis and Costello. They are brothers and are approx 11 wks old. They are very affectionate little guys that love to play

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Corporal has been rehomed. This handsome boy is Corporal. Corporal is approx 5 months old and seeking his forever home. He is a very boisterous lab x that will need plenty of training and exercise

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Bean and Barry

Bean and Barry have now been rehomed. These little characters are Bean and Barry. They are brothers and approx 15 wks. They are both very friendly boys and love affection

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Molly has been rehomed. This stunning girl is Molly. Molly is approx 4 yrs old and has been a house cat, which means she didn't  have access to outdoors although with a very slow and gradual process she could be introduced to outdoors. Molly is a very friendly affectionate girl and would be best suited to a home with no other animals

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Ace and Almond

Ace and Almond are now rehomed. This is brother and sister Ace and Almond. They are approx 18 wks old and hoping for a forever home together. They are quite nervous little kitties initially and would be best suited to a quiet home with no young children

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Snowball has now been rehomed. This beautiful girl is Snowball. Snowball is approx 4 yrs old and seeking a quiet home of her own. Snowball can be shy until she gets to know you but is very affectionate once that bond has been made

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Ivy is now rehomed. This little cutie is Ivy. Ivy is approx 8 wks old and seeking a home to call her own. Ivy has a shy little nature initially but loves cuddles

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Chorley has been rehomed This beautiful big fluff ball is Chorley. Chorley is a lurcher x and is approx 4 months old. Chorley is a handsome pup that needs a home to call his own.

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Hope has been successfully rehomed. This little cutie is Hope. Hope is approx 1 year old and is a terrier x. Hope is a very sociable little girl who is very affectionate

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