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Lenny and Lance

Lenny and Lance have been rehomed. These gorgeous brothers are Lenny and Lance. They are approx 9 wks old and are seeking a home hopefully together. They are very active, friendly little guys who love running around and stalking each other

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Taffy is now rehomed. Taffy is approx 6 yr old and is an energetic spaniel x. He is looking for an active family who will take him on lots of long walks and keep him stimulated. He walks very well on the lead but needs more training on basic manners. Taffy could live with children aged 12+ and is seeking a home where he will not be left for long periods of time.

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Dodger has been rehomed. This handsome chap is Dodger and he is approx 2-3 yrs old. Dodger is an active little guy who will need an active family to keep him happy. He has just arrived at the Sanctuary so is still being assessed but we know he would prefer an adult only home

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Minerva and Mera

Minerva and Mera are now rehomed. This is Minerva and Mera. They are approx 9 wks and seeking a home with no very young children as they can be a bit shy sometimes. We would love them to be rehomed together as they do have a very bonded sisterly love.

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Phebs is now rehomed. This cute little munchkin is Phebs. Phebs is approx 9 wks and is a very sweet little girl. Phebs is a friendly girl but she can be spooked easily. Phebs would be best suited in a home with no very young children

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Posh and Becks

Posh and Becks have now been rehomed. This beautiful pair are Posh and Becks. They are brother and sister and are approx 16 wks. They are very friendly kittens and would love a forever home together as they have such a close bond

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Lucy, Lionel, Luna, Luke and Leah

These kittens are now all rehomed. These 5 little rascals are Lucy, Lionel, Luna, Luke and Leah. They are approx 9 wks old and seeking loving homes. They are all very sociable, friendly little kitties that love to play

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Rosa is now rehomed. This little cutie is Rosa. Rosa is approx 12 wks and is a whippet x. Rosa is a very friendly, sociable girl who loves playing fetch

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Dolly has been rehomed. This beautiful girl is Dolly. Dolly is approx 12/14 wks old and is a collie x spaniel. Dolly would need all the basic puppy training and lots of T.L.C

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Lois is now rehomed. This pretty girl is Lois. Lois is approx 1-2yrs old and is seeking a quiet home. Lois has quite a timid nature so would be best suited in a home with no children and no other animals

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