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Riva, Ria, Rita and Rosa

These kitten are now all rehomed. This sea of little tabby kittens is Riva, Ria, Rita and Rosa. They are approx 8 wks and are ready for the next big step in finding their forever homes. They can be shy initially but once they get to know you they are friendly little rascals.

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Alpha, Alto and Alex

These kittens are now all reserved. These little sisters are Alpha, Alto and Alex. They are approx 7 wks and are seeking their forever homes. They are very playful kitties that love to be cuddled.

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Rusty has been successfully rehomed. This little guy is Rusty. Rusty is approx 5 yrs old and is a terrier x. Rusty can be quite a nervous little guy so would benefit from confidence building training. Rusty would be best suited to a home with no young children and no other animals.

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Dancer, Dora, Dexter and Duchess

These kittens are now all rehomed. These little cuties are Dancer, Dora, Dexter and Duchess. They are brother and sisters and are approx 8 wks old. They are quite shy little kittens but they love to play. They would be best suited in quieter homes due to their shy nature

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Echo is now rehomed. This little pup is Echo. Echo is now approx 12 wks old and is the last pup left of the litter. Echo is a hound x and would benefit from a home with experience of the breed. She is a very friendly, playful little pup who is quite vocal. She will require all measures of basic training

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Chester is now rehomed. This beautiful little munchkin is Chester. Chester is approx 7-8 wks old and he is full of character. Chester is a greedy little chappy who loves his grub. He is a very sociable, outgoing little guy who loves to play.

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Magnum, Merit, Melody, Marmot, Magnet and Millwood

These pups are now all rehomed. Meet Magnum, Merit, Melody, Marmot, Magnet and Millwood. They are 10 wks old and are large breed greyhound x beagle. There is 2 males and 4 females.

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Lola has been successfully rehomed. This pretty lady is Lola. Lola is approx 8 months and she is an energetic, excitable collie. Lola would need a home with collie experience and willingness to attend training classes. Lola does not like to be left alone for any length of time so we feel she would be best suited to a home with and older settled dog and owners that would be at home most of the day.

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Minnie is now in her foster home. ***Foster Home Required*** This special little girl is Minnie. Minnie is approx 10 wks old and she has congenital heart disease. Unfortunately this condition is a life limiting illness and she may not survive past 1-2 yrs old. Minnie is a playful but shy little girl who would need a quiet home. Minnie's heart condition would be financially covered by Assisi. If you feel you could…

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Willow is now rehomed. This pretty girl is Willow and she is approx 9 months old. Willow is a very shy girl who loves hiding under her blanket but once she gets to know you she will greet you, she is very affectionate and loves to be fussed over. Willow would be best suited to a quiet home with the option of access to outdoors once she settled and no other animals.

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