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Cookie is now rehomed. This cheeky little madam is Cookie. Cookie arrived at the Sanctuary at just one week old and has been hand reared by one of our dedicated foster carers. Cookie is a very well socialised kitten that loves other animals but she is very boisterous so therefore would be better in a home with no young children. We feel that because Cookie was hand reared she has missed vital skills that only…

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Jazz is now rehomed. This pretty girl is Jazz. Jazz is approx 5-6 yrs old and seeking a quiet home as she can be a bit shy. Jazz is very affectionate once she gets to know you.

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Alpha and Alto

Alpha and Alto are now rehomed. These 2 little sisters are Alpha and Alto. They are approx 11 wks old and are seeking a home together as they have a very close bond. They are very lively, boisterous little girls who would be best suited to a home with no very young children and access to outdoors once they are older.

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Jake, Jacob, Jasmine and Jasper

These kittens are now rehomed. These little kitties are Jake, Jacob, Jasmine and Jasper. They are siblings and are approx 9 wks old. Jacob, Jasper and Jasmine are very outgoing little kittens but Jake has a shy nature and prefers the quiet life away from his noisy siblings.

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Forrest, Fletcher, Farrah, Freya and Frankie

These kittens are now all rehomed. These little ones are Forrest, Fletcher, Farrah, Freya and Frankie. They are siblings and are approx 8 wks old. They are very friendly little kittens that love to play.

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Bobby, Barny, Bono and Bengy

These kittens are now rehomed. These cute little boys are Bobby, Barny, Bono and Bengy. They are 8 wks old and very playful friendly kittens.

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Great news!! Thatch is now in a foster home!! Thatch is a handsome terrier x, who is around 7 years old.   He will require an experienced terrier owner with plenty of time to spend working with him as he needs further training on his manners and behaviour. Thatch is not good with other dogs, even when out walking on a lead. On a one-to-one basis with his handler Thatch is a friendly, obedient…

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Kovo is now rehomed. Kovo is approx 5 yrs old and he is a Pomeranian. Kovo is a very excitable boy who knows his own mind. He requires a home who have experience with similar breeds as he needs a lot of work on his handling as he gets very over excited so will need training to correct this. He is seeking an adult home only

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Tori is now rehomed. This little lady is Tori. Tori is approx 10 wks old and is a lab x collie. Tori is a very lively little pup who will require all forms of basic training.

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William and Wilbur

These kittens are now rehomed. These little boys are William and Wilbur. They are brothers and are approx 10 wks old. These boys are a little bit nervous so would be best suited to a quiet home with no young children and no dogs

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