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Violet has now been successfully rehomed. This pretty girl is Violet. Violet is approx 7/8 months and she is a spaniel x. Violet is quite a nervy little girl but with the right family she should thrive. Violet would be best with no very young children in the home due to her shy nature. Violet is a very affectionate girl and loves attention.

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Max is now rehomed. This very handsome boy is Max. Max is approx 9 months old and he is a beagle x. Max is a very boisterous, strong big guy that would need more training in basic manners, walking on lead etc. Max is a very friendly boy who comes across as quite clumsy. He is a loveable character and would make a loving companion.

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Sully has now been rehomed. This shy little guy is Sully. Sully is approx 5 months old and he is a collie x. Sully has a timid little nature so he would be best suited to a home with no young children. Sully would benefit from more training and confidence building.

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Indie has now been rehomed. This stunning girl is Indie. Indie is approx 18 months old and she is a Siamese x. Indie is a housecat so she CANNOT have access to outdoors. Indie needs a home with no young children and no other animals. Indie is a very affectionate, vocal girl who loves attention.

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It is with heavy hearts and tears of sorrow that we have to report that Misty has passed away. Misty will be sadly missed by all the staff and volunteers.  You can read Misty's story below. Misty was an extremely lovable 15 year old female.  She came to live at Assisi in April 2011 because her owner could no longer care for her.  Misty was diagnosed with secondary tumours a few weeks later and further tests…

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Lucas and Laura

These kittens are now rehomed. These two little rascals are Lucas and Laura. They are approx 14 wks old and are seeking a loving home together as they have a very close bond. They are very affectionate little kitties who love to play.

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Vixen is now rehomed. This pretty lady is Vixen. Vixen is approx 3 yrs old and she is seeking a loving new home. Vixen is a very friendly girl who has lots of love to give. She loves chin rubs and being centre of attention. Vixen would need access to outdoors once she has settled in her new home.

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Chris is now rehomed. Meet Chris. Chris arrived at the Sanctuary as a stray cat in a very sorry state. Chris is now getting plenty of food, cuddles and T.L.C and is starting to look and feel lots better for it. Chris is approx 3yrs old and he is seeking a nice warm cosy home to call his own.

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Gary and Pippa

Gary and Pippa are now rehomed. These two little pussy cats are Gary and Pippa. They are brother and sister and are approx 2 yrs old. They are very nervous kitties and would be best suited to a quiet home with no other animals and no young children. We would love to rehome them together as they have such a close bond with each other.

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Zeus has now been successfully rehomed. This beautiful big guy is Zeus. Zeus is approx 4 yrs old and he is seeking his forever home. Zeus is a very friendly, affectionate boy who would be best suited to a home with access to outdoors once he has settled.

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