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Carlos has been successfully rehomed. This handsome chap is Carlos. Carlos is approx 4 yrs old and he is a setter x. Carlos has not long arrived at the Sanctuary so he is still under assessment. But on initial meeting we have seen that Carlos is a very nervous guy that would be best in a home with no young children. Carlos would benefit from more socialisation and confidence building.

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Meg has been rehomed. This gorgeous girl is Meg. Meg is approx 10 months old and she is a terrier x. Meg has only recently arrived at the Sanctuary from the pound so we have no background on her and she is still under assessment but she does seem like a very friendly girl.

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Costa has been successfully rehomed. This stunning girl is Costa. Costa is approx 1 yr and she is a gorgeous big fluffball. Costa is an affectionate girl who loves attention. Costa can be easily frightened so she would be best suited to a home with no very young children, no dogs and access to outdoors once she has settled.

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Jet has been successfully rehomed. This beautiful girl is Jet. Jet is approx 18 months old and she is a greyhound. Jet arrived at the Sanctuary at the end March and she is still seeking her forever home.  Jet is a friendly girl who is very affectionate but she can be a little shy at first. Jet would be best suited to  home with another dog so she has a companion to help bring her out of her shell. Although Jet…

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Charlie has been rehomed. This adorable little guy is Charlie. Charlie is approx 12 weeks and he is a pug x jr. Charlie is a very friendly sociable pup who will need all aspects of puppy training. Charlie loves company and would be best suited to a home in which he wouldn't be left for long periods of time.

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Jess, Pip, Jay, Tara, Lad, Merc, Corrie and Meg

These pups have now been rehomed. These little rascals are Jess, Pip, Jay, Tara, Lad, Merc, Corrie and Meg. 

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