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Sandy has been successfully rehomed. This handsome little chap is Sandy. Sandy is approx 10 yrs + and he is a little terrier. Sandy is a super affectionate little guy who just loves human company and loves to sit on your knee. Sandy is good with other dogs but ideally he would love a home on his own so he can get all the attention.

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Cagney and Lacey

Cagney and Lacey have been successfully rehomed. These 2 stunning little girls are Cagney and Lacey. They are approx 8 months old and they are sisters hoping for a forever home together. These girls are super friendly and affectionate and would be best suited to a home with no dogs. They have been in a home with young children and they loved the energy as they love to play.

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Trudy and Troy

Trudy and Troy are now rehomed. These little cuties are Trudy and Troy and they are approx 8 wks old. Trudy and Troy are brother and sister and would love a home together. These little ones are very playful and friendly kittens but can be a little shy at first. If you're interested please call up to the Sanctuary as we do anticipate very high interest in these kitties.

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Darcy and Poppy

  Darcy and Poppy have been rehomed. Darcy is a 5 year old Terrier x and Poppy is a 4 year old Jack Russell x.   They are a bonded pair and don't like to be apart so we will be looking for a home where they can stay together.    They are friendly and playful.   Why not call to the sanctuary and meet them.   .

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Tufty and Sparkie (Housecats)

Tufty and Sparkie are now rehomed. This beautiful boys are Tufty and Sparkie. Tufty is 4 yrs old and Sparkie is 5 yrs old and they are the best of friends. These boys have been brought up from kittens to be  housecats so CANNOT have access to outdoors. Sparkie is a little show off and loves attention and strokes but  Tufty is a little more shy and once he gets to know you he loves strokes aswell. We are seeking…

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Kylie has been rehomed This gorgeous little girl is Kylie. Kylie is approx 1 yr old and she is a pug x. Kylie is a extremely energetic, excitable little girl who would benefit from more training on basic manners. Kylie loves human company and does not like to be left on her own for any length of time so will need a family willing to work with her to help this reduce her anxiety. Kylie could be rehomed with children…

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Smudge is now rehomed. This pretty lady is Smudge. Smudge is approx 10 yrs old and she is seeking her forever home. Smudge is a very friendly girl who prefers the quiet life so she would be best suited to a home with no other animals and no young children. Smudge likes a little nosey in the garden so would like to have limited access to a safe garden. Smudge would be a perfect companion pet.

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Dougal has been rehomed. This is Dougal he is 7 yrs old and he is a lab x. Dougal isn't at the Sanctuary at the moment but he can be viewed in his home by prior arrangement. Dougal is a relaxed, good natured boy who is well mannered. He loves his daily walks but also loves to get into his comfy bed once walkies is over. Dougal would be best suited to a home with no cats or small furries. If you…

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Rogue is now rehomed. Remember this little character, Rogue? Well he's back...through no fault of his own nor his owner. Rogue is approx 5 yrs old and he's been through a lot in his life.  Rogue arrived at the Sanctuary in Sept 2014 after being found at the bottom of the Mourne mountains. Rogue had been shot in the eye and the pellet was stuck in his eyelid and after further investigation we realised he had a…

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Perry, Pip and Pogo

These pups have all been successfully rehomed. These 3 little amigo's are Perry, Pip and Pogo and they are 8 wk old jr x pups. They are very playful and have their own little personalities already. Perry is the cheeky little boy, Pip is the affectionate sweet little girl and Pogo is the adventurous little guy. These pups are tiny and would be best suited to a home with no very young children. We anticipate high…

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