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Kalin has been successfully re-homed. This pretty lady is Kalin and she is around 8 months old. She has been spayed and vaccinated. Kalin was found in Killynether Forest Park, we presume she had been dumped there. Her name means 'white and pure' and that she is! Kalin is very friendly and easy to work with. Kalin needs a neutered male companion who is a similar age. She is a lively girl who will need lots of outdoor…

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CLEO HAS BEEN REHOMED. This sweet older lady is 7 years old and really needs a loving home and an older gentlebun to cuddle up to. Cleo is a Netherland Dwarf and is incredibly tiny! She is very loving and will sit for ages having her wee head stroked. Due to her age and the risk of anaesthetic she has not been spayed. She is very healthy and lively. Cleo would prefer to be a house rabbit with access to a large grassy…

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Baloo has been successfully rehomed Meet Baloo, he is a handsome older gentlepig, approximately around 3-4 years old. Poor Baloo had been badly neglected, his nails were corkscrewed and his grease gland on his rump was very dirty. Despite his sad start Baloo is very friendly and just loves to be cuddled and kissed. We are still assessing whether he will need to be neutered, but currently we think he would be…

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Lola has been successfully re-homed. Lola is 2 years old and as you can see she is very pretty! Lola is a shy little pig who would benefit from the company of another female guinea or a neutered male. She enjoys being handled and cuddled too! Lola loves her home comforts and is definitely a 'house-pig', her favourite bed is a plush pink cushion! If you think you could offer Lola the loving home she needs please…

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Nutmeg has now been rehomed. This pretty lady is Nutmeg and she is around 4 years old. Nutmeg is a lovely girl who recently lost her two best friends and is feeling a bit lonely now. She loves to be cuddled and carried around and would love someone who has plenty of time to spend with her. Nutmeg is also looking for a new friend, either a neutered male or a friendly female of a similar age. …

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Nina is now rehomed. This sweet girls Nina. Nina is approx. 4 yrs old and she is seeking a quiet home. Nina is a super friendly girl who would love a home with older children and access to outdoors once she has settled. Nina loves to be stroked and she loves attention.

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Peppi is now rehomed. This blue eyed boy is Peppi. Peppi is approx 1 yr and he is seeking a home to call his own. Peppi is a friendly little guy that can become boisterous and exciteable once he feels at home so would be best suited to a home with no very young children and access to outdoor once he has settled. Peppi will need sun cream on his ears and his nose throughout his life in the summer months due to…

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Pumpkin and Pookie

Pookie and Pumpkin are now rehomed. These gorgeous babies are Pumpkin and Pookie. They are sisters and are approx. 14 wks old. Pumpkin and Pookie are super friendly and would make fantastic family pets. We feel Pumpkin and Pookie would be best rehomed together as they are very bonded. Pumpkin and Pookie would be great with children as they have lovely little natures.

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Pumpkin, Pecan, Pancake and Peaches

These kittens are now all rehomed. These absolutely stunning little babies are Pumpkin, Pecan, Pancake and Peaches. They are 8 weeks old and they are all sisters. These girls are still a little timid so will need more socialisation but they are full of energy and love to play

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Reno, Ralph, Revel and Reuben

These kittensĀ have been rehomed These little rascals are Reno, Ralph, Revel and Reuben. They are all brothers and are approximately 12 wks old. They are all very friendly, sociable kittens that love to play.

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