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Rudi has been rehomed. This cute little guy is Rudi. Rudi is approx 5 yrs old and he is a JR x. Rudi is a friendly boy who loves his 'walkies'. Rudi would be best suited to a family with children 8 yrs+

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Flaire and Fressia

Flaire and Fressia are now rehomed. These gorgeous little girls are Flaire and Fressia. They are approx 10 wks old and they are seeking their forever homes. Flaire and Fressia are nervous little girls who would benefit from a quiet home with no very young children due to their timid little nature.

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Giggles and Gomez

Giggles & Gomez have been rehomed. These absolutely stunning little boys are Giggles and Gomez. They are approx 15 wks old and they are seeking a home together. Giggles and Gomez were in a dedicated foster home for socialisation for the last 2 wks. They have both came on very well but can still be very shy initially. We would recommend a home with no very young children due to their timid,…

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Micha and Morrison

Micha and Morrison are now rehomed. These beautiful little rascals are Micha and Morrison. They are approx 14 wks old and they are seeking their forever homes. They are both very friendly, sociable little kittens who love to play.

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Animal Welfare and Cruelty

Farmed Animals Only Contact: During office hours - Monday to Friday 9am-5pm telephone - 0300 200 7840 Weekends – contact a local Private Veterinary Practice or local Police station who will, as necessary, refer the welfare complaint to the relevant DARD “on call” officer.  

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Jacob, Joel, Judo and Jake

These kittens are now all rehomed. These little boys are Jacob, Joel, Judo and Jake. They are approx 8 wks old and they are seeking new homes. These little boys are very playful, friendly babies so we expect high interest in them so please call up to the Sanctuary if you're interested in rehoming them.

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Minty and Trixie

Minty and Trixie have been successfully rehomed These little guys are Minty and Trixie. They are brother and sister, approx 18 months old and we would love to find them a home together. Minty and Trixie are both nervous little cats so will need time to settle in their new home. They would be best suited to a quiet home with no young children due to their shy nature and access to outdoors once…

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Dudley is now rehomed. This gorgeous boy is Dudley. Dudley is approx 9 months old and he is a pointer. Dudley is an exciteable, sociable pup that will require all aspects of training. Dudley is an intelligent boy who is very willing  to learn new things and he will need a very active family to keep up with him.

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Oisin and Rayna

Oisin and Rayna have been successfully rehomed. Oisin is a handsome big pig who was abandoned in Ormeau park along with four pregnant females and two younger males. He is affectionately known as 'big daddy pig'. Oisin is around 2-3 years old and has been castrated. He is a friendly big pig who is coming round to being cuddled- he wasn't too sure about it to start with! Rayna came to us as a welfare…

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Clodagh and Eliza

Clodagh and Eliza have been successfully rehomed. Clodagh was found in Ormeau Park along with her three sisters and three adult males. Clodagh and her sisters were all pregnant! Clodagh had her babies in May, two boys, Harry and George and a little girl, Eliza. Clodagh is a friendly girl who loves to be cuddled - once you have caught her! She is quite a vocal lady and likes to let you know when…

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