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Harry and George

Harry and George are now rehomed. Harry and George were born here in May. Their mummy, Clodagh, was found with her three sisters in Ormeau Park. Harry and George are cheeky little chaps and are always getting up to no good! They are easy to handle and George especially loves to be cuddled. Harry and George are 6 weeks old currently. They must be rehomed as a pair.

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Emilia and Evie

Emilia and Evie have been successfully rehomed. Emilia and Evie were born here at Assisi in April after their mother and her three sisters were found in Ormeau Park living in the bushes. Emilia and Evie are now 10 weeks old and would love a home of their own! They are a noisy pair of girlies who will keep you on your toes. They are getting used to being handled but can be a bit nervous and skittish when being…

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Kurt is now rehomed. This gorgeous boy is Kurt. Kurt is approx 6 yrs old and he is seeking a quiet home. Kurt is quite a nervous little chap but once he gets to know you he is very friendly and affectionate. Kurt would be best suited to a home with children 10+ due to his timid little nature and another cat as he loves feline company.

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Coco has been successfully rehomed This cheeky little girl is Coco. Coco is approx 4 months old and she is a terrier. Coco will need all aspects of puppy training and will require basic manner training. Coco is a playful, exciteable girl who will require an experienced terrier owner.

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Tiger-Lily is now rehomed. This little rascal is Tiger-Lily. Tiger-Lily is approx 8 wks old and she is seeking her forever home. Tiger-Lily is a boisterous, feisty, playful girl who can be quite rough when she plays. Tiger-Lily is a very confident kitty who has been socialised with dogs. She would be best suited to a home with no very young children due to her rough play nature.

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Dani and Mittens

Dani and Mittens have been rehomed!! Dani and Mittens are two 3 year old sisters. They have been vaccinated and spayed. Dani is the bold one of the pair who will hop over to say hello and allow you to pet her. She is easy to handle and gets on well with her sister. Mittens is a little more shy than her sister, but is definitely the boss in the pair! Mittens isn't terribly keen on being handled…

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Farrah has been successfully re-homed. Farrah is a stunning 4 year old English Spotted. Farrah has been vaccinated but has not been spayed due to having health issues. Farrah is incredibly friendly and loves to be around people, she would make a perfect house rabbit! Ideally Farrah would like to live with a neutered older male who is very calm.

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Adopting an Assisi Rabbit or Guinea Pig

Thinking of adopting an Assisi Rabbit or Guinea Pig...? Here is a rundown of what we do and don't expect from you... What do we expect...? From every potential owner we expect: A passion for rabbits and guinea pigs. An understanding of the level of care needed by small animals. Research to have been…

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Feeding your rabbit…

Rabbits are herbivores and are designed to eat little and often. Rabbits have a very complex digestive system and any imbalance, no matter how minor, can cause illness. Rabbits under 16 weeks of age are especially susceptible to gut complaints as their digestive system is still getting used to solid food. Care needs to be taken when introducing any rabbit to a new food. When adopting or purchasing a rabbit be sure to feed the same type of food that…

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Patrick and Roxy

Patrick has been with us since 2010, he arrived at just 6 months old after he had been found straying. He spent 6 years at the sanctuary with his wife Kiera. Sadly Kiera's health failed and she passed away in 2016. Patrick is a lovely rabbit who has so much character. He is a real favorite among our staff and volunteers. He does need regular dental check-ups as his spurs can grow quite quickly making it extremely…

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