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Basil has been successfully rehomed. This gorgeous little guy is Basil. Basil is approx 3 yrs old and he is a King Charles x. Basil seems like a friendly little guy but has just arrived at the Sanctuary so he is still under assessment.

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Fly is now rehomed. This little rascals Fly. Fly is approx 8 wks old and he is a little sweetheart. Fly is a very sociable, playful kitten who would be fine with children.

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Nero is now rehomed. This big eejit is Nero. Nero is approx 1 yr old and he is a lab. Nero is a bouncy, friendly, exciteable boy who just loves to carry on. Nero would benefit from further training on basic manners and would make a fantastic family pet.

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Drake has been rehomed. *SPECIAL APPEAL* This handsome chappy is Drake. Drake arrived at the Sanctuary in March and he is finding it very difficult and very stressful to adjust to Sanctuary life. Drake is approx 2 yrs and he is fully house trained. Drake can be unsure of new people until he gets to know them but he is very affectionate with those he has a bond with. Drake is initially nervous with new dogs but…

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Foelly and Freya

Foelly and Freya has been rehomed. These gorgeous little kitties are Foelly and Freya and they are approx 9 wks old. They are brother and sister and we would love to keep them together. Foelly and Freya are nervous little babies and would be best suited to a quiet home with no young children.

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Meg has been rehomed. This pretty lady is Meg. Meg is approx 9 yrs old and she is a collie x Spaniel. Meg is a friendly girl but is very nervous and unsure at the moment. Meg will benefit from confidence building and plenty of TLC.

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Martina is now rehomed. This tiny little girl is Martina. Martina is a terrier x pup and she is the last little pup left available after her application unfortunately fell through. Martina is one of the Wimbledon 8 pups we have. Martina is a sweet little girl who will require all aspects of puppy training.

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Lily is now rehomed. This beautiful girl is Lily. Lily is approx 9 yrs old and she is a collie x spaniel. Lily is a nervous girl but she is very friendly. Lily would benefit from confidence building and further basic manner training.

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Niblet, Newt, Nellie, Nala and Nori

These kittens are now all rehomed.   These playful little rascals are Niblet, Newt, Nellie, Nala and Nori. They are approx 9 wks old and they are all siblings. These little kittens are friendly, affectionate and very hard to get a picture of as they just want to come over to say hello.

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Tootsie and Truffle

Tootsie and Truffle are now rehomed. ***LOOK WHO'S BACK*** These gorgeous little girls are Tootsie and Truffle. They are approx 9 wks old and seeking a home together as they have a close bond. Tootsie and Truffle arrived at the Sanctuary at the start of June and went out to a specialist foster as they were too young to be here. Tootsie and Truffle are very friendly, sociable kittens who love to play. They done…

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