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Bacardi has been successfully rehomed This stunning girl is Bacardi. Bacardi is approx 14 yrs old and she loves nothing more than to curl up into a little ball and snore. Bacardi is an affectionate and friendly girl and would be best suited to a home with no other cats. Bacardi is a bit of a home bird and hasn't any interest in going outside so she could be kept inside as a housecat.

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Patrick is now rehomed This little rascal is Patrick. Patrick is 5 yrs old and he is seeking a quiet home. Patrick is a very friendly boy but he can be shy until he gets to know you. Patrick would be best suited to a home with no young children and no other animals.

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Misty has been successfully rehomed. This beautiful girl is Misty. Misty is 6 yrs old and she is a collie x. Misty is a very affectionate girl who loves human company. Misty would make a fantastic family pet.

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Nika is now homed. This little beauty is Nika. Nika is approx 1 yr old and she is seeking her forever home. Nika is a super friendly, playful little girl who is full of character. Nika will need access to outdoors once she has settled in her new home.

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Trigger and Katie

Trigger and Katie are now rehomed. This older couple are Trigger and Katie. Trigger is 11 yrs old and Katie is 14 yrs old. They are both seeking a home together where they can laze around and be fussed over. Katie is a bit of a home bird and doesn't like to venture outside but Trigger likes a little nosey in the garden but won't go far. Please give an older couple a chance of happiness

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Yogi has been rehomed. This gorgeous little guy is Yogi. Yogi is approx 5 months and he is seeking a home to call his home. Yogi is a super friendly, affectionate little guy who loves attention.

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Marvel, Merlin and Max

These little guys are now all rehomed. These 3 little rascals are Marvel, Merlin and Max. They are brothers and are approx 8 wks old. These little boys are all friendly and very playful.

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Some of the Labrador X pups

All these pups have now been rehomed. These seven are Labrador cross pups and  are 8 weeks old.  They have just been returned from foster and are being assessed.  Experience of large breed is vital for these pups. If you would like to speak to a member of staff, please visit the sanctuary and complete an application form.  They shall require all aspects of puppy training.    

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Quince and Basil

Quince and Basil have been successfully rehomed. These two little rascals are Quince and Basil. Quince and Basil are 11 wks old and they are brothers. Quince and Basil are very bonded so we would like to rehome them together. They are both very friendly, playful, well socialised little boys who have had experience with children, dogs and other cats.

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Nickel and Norman

Norman and Nickel has been successfully rehomed.. These stunning little boys are Nickel and Norman. They are brothers and are approximately 10 weeks old. These little boys are very friendly, sociable and they love to play.

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