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Pisces has been rehomed Name Pisces Age 5-6 months Sex Female Breed/Colour Tabby/Tortie Children 10 yrs + Dogs No experience Cats No Access to outdoors Limited Pisces is a very affectionate girl who loves human company so would need a home with someone around the house most of the time.

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Lupin has been successfully rehomed. Lupin is a pretty little girl at just 9 months old. She has been vaccinated and spayed. Lupin arrived last year with her sisters, but she decided she no longer wanted to live with them and has been living alone for a few months now. Lupin is very friendly and affectionate once you get to know her. She isn't terribly outgoing so some time will need to be spent gaining her trust.…

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Snowflake has been rehomed Name Snowflake Age 8 years Sex Female Breed/Colour White Children No Dogs Yes Cats No Access to outdoors Yes Snowflake requires a quiet experienced home.

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Smarties is now rehomed. Name Smarties Age 10 years Sex Male Breed/Colour Black Children 8 yrs+ Dogs Yes Cats Could go with females Access to Outdoors Yes Smarties is an affectionate boy who will tap you when he wants petted.

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Princess has been rehomed Name Princess Age 8 years Sex Female Breed/Colour Tabby and White Children Yes Dogs No experience Cats Selective Access to outdoors Yes Princess is an affectionate girl who loves attention.

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Tilly has been Rehomed Name Tilly Age 5 months Sex Female Breed Lab X Children Yes Other dogs Yes Cats Yes Tilly will require all aspects of puppy training.

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Dina is now rehomed. Name Dina Age 3 years Sex Female Breed Springer X Children Teenagers+ Other dogs Selective Cats No Dina will benefit from an experienced dog owner with a quiet home as she is quite nervous.

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Piper is now rehomed. Name Piper Age 1 year Sex Female Breed Collie X Children Teenager+ Other dogs Selective Cats No Piper will benefit from a quiet home with an experienced collie owner as she is very timid.

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Rosey has been rehomed Name Rosey Age 7 years Sex Female Breed Pom X Children No Other dogs Selective Cats No Rosey requires a quiet home.

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Scooter is now rehomed. Name Scooter Age 16 weeks Sex Male Breed/Colour Black Children Yes Dogs Yes Cats Yes Access to outdoors Yes once older or could be housecat

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