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Noddy has been successfully rehomed. This gorgeous little guy is Noddy. Noddy is approximately 3 years old and he is a mini schnauzer X. Noddy will need a quiet home with no children or other animals. Noddy would benefit from an experienced terrier owner and he will need further training on confidence building. Noddy has a sensitive trachea and is currently on medication for this condition.

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Nancy is now rehomed. This pretty little lady is Nancy. Nancy is approximately 3 years old and she is seeking her forever home. Nancy is a friendly girl who loves attention. Nancy would be best suited to a home with no very young children and access to outdoors once she has settled.

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Sherlock is now rehomed. This adorable boy is Sherlock. Sherlock is approximately 4 yrs old and he is seeking a home to call his own. Sherlock is a very friendly boy who loves attention and loves to sit on your knee.

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Jeremy & Mya

Jeremy & Mya have been rehomed. This lovely pair are Jeremy and Mya. They arrived here in September as part of a group of rabbits rescued from poor living conditions. Jeremy and Mya are not brother and sister, although they are almost identical! Jeremy is almost a month younger than Mya. They have both been neutered, Jeremy is around 5 months old and Mya is 6 months old. They are full of fun and into everything!…

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Run the Belfast Marathon for Assisi

Following on with our theme of highlighting how you could support Assisi in 2016 by setting yourself an animal related new year resolution. Daniel is an Assisi supporter and he is going to run in the Belfast City Marathon on 2 May and has set up a JustGiving page as part of his fundraising. To find out why Daniel choose to support Assisi, visit his page, by clicking on the link below.

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Buzz has been successfully re-homed. This hairy chap is Buzz! He is a year old now and is a 'coronet' guinea pig. This is what gives him his long hair and tufty crown. Buzz is incredibly friendly and loves his food! He can be quite talkative and will often have a conversation with you. Buzz loves to be cuddled and will lounge about on your lap for hours. As Buzz has very long hair he requires regular grooming…

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Rihanne has been successfully rehomed. Meet Rihanne. She is a sweet little lady pig who is around 14 months old. Rihanne appears to be a quiet piggie who loves to be picked up and cuddled. She hasn't been with us long so we are still getting to know her. Rihanne is looking for a netered male guina to keep her company.

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Sponsor an Assisi Animal…

Why not sponsor an Assisi animal for just £3 per month..? Assisi is committed to providing an excellent quality of life for our animals no matter what their age or state of health. For many, we are the last chance for an older or special needs animal to find happiness. We endeavour to re-home all of our animals; however, some of our residents have been with us for quite some time. These residents need…

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Corporate Sponsorship

We are always looking to work with businesses within our local community and surrounding areas. Corporate sponsorship is a great way for you and your business to get involved with Assisi. There are many ways of providing sponsorship, you could choose to sponsor a particular animal or possibly one of the runs or play areas. There is also the opportunity to sponsor an entire unit or kennel block. We are looking to the future with plans to rebuild the…

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Hi, I am Tamsin and I have lived here at Assisi since 2007. I arrived as a very frightened little baby with my brother and sister. They came round well but I am still not very keen on people. I have ‘small airway disease’ which means I can get short of breath sometimes. The staff have to keep a close eye on me incase I need my medication. Sponsor Tamsin for just £3 a month to help us continue to care for her.

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