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HI, I am Saul and I have a condition called Acromegaly (tumour on my pituitary gland). This means I can’t regulate my own insulin production and it causes excessive secretion of growth hormone. I need injections twice daily at 12 hr intervals and I am on special food to keep me well. I am now in a lovely foster home. Please sponsor Saul. You will be helping us continue to pay for his ongoing treatment and medicine.

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I’m Farrah and I came to Assisi in November 2014. I have a bacteria in my lungs called Pseudomonas which can make breathing a bit difficult at times. I take medicine each day to keep my infection under control. I am now in a foster home and have settled in very well. I even have my own room! By sponsoring Farrah you are helping us to continue to pay for her Veterinary care allowing her to lead a happy life in her foster home.

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My name is Gizmo and I arrived at Assisi in September 2014, aged at approximately 3 years old. I had been abandoned in a house after my owners moved out. I had a terrible respiratory infection when I arrived which has left me with a permanent cough.  I take medication daily to help this. I am a cheeky chappie, but the staff take great care of me! By sponsoring Gizmo you are helping to pay for his continued care.

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Dean has been successfully rehomed. Dean is a very handsome grey and white 1 year old guinea pig. He is very friendly and just loves giving kisses! He loves to be cuddled, but can be a bit tricky to catch as he thinks running round his cage is a great game! Dean arrived here with another male guinea pig, but unfortunately they had to be separated as they were not getting on well. Dean has just been neutered and…

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Sam has been successfully rehomed. Sam is a handsome 1 year old tri-colour Abysinnian. Sam has been neutered. He originally arrived here with another male guinea pig, but they weren't getting on very well and had to be separated. Sam is a friendly boy who loves to be cuddled and fussed over. He always comes to the cage door to say hello or to see if you have any treats for him! Sam is now ready to meet the lady…

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Murphy is now rehomed. This very handsome boy is Murphy. Murphy is approximately 2-3 years old and he is seeking a home to call his own. Murphy is a very friendly boy who loves human company and he loves to snuggle up underneath his blankets.   Murphy would be best suited to a home with no other cats.

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Milo is now rehomed. This cheeky little rascal is Milo. Milo is approximately 4 months old and he is a chihuahua X. Milo is an intelligent little boy who loves to curl up on your knee. Milo will need a home with no young children, no other animals and firm boundaries set for him. Milo will also need a family willing to continue on his training plan.

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Bill has now been rehomed. *PLEASE CALL UP TO THE SANCTUARY AND FILL IN AN APPLICATION IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN REHOMING A PUPPY* This gorgeous little guy is Bill. Bill is approximately 10-12weeks old and he is a spaniel X. Bill is an adorable, intelligent boy who loves playing ball. Bill is great with other animals and he's full of life and fun. Bill is currently out in a foster home so viewing is by appointment…

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Seth has now been rehomed. This handsome boy is Seth. Seth is approximately  5 months old and he is a lurcher. Seth is a very friendly boy who loves company. Seth will require all aspects of puppy training. Seth is currently out in a foster home so viewing is by appointment only. If you are interested in rehoming a pup please call up to the Sanctuary  and fill in an application form.

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Breeze is now rehomed. This sweet little girl is Breeze. Breeze is approximately 1-2 years old and she arrived at the Sanctuary with 4 kittens in tow. Breeze's kittens have now all found their forever home so now it's her chance to find happiness in a new home. Breeze is a friendly, inquisitive girl who loves to explore.

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