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Augusta has now been rehomed. This gorgeous little lady is Augusta. Augusta is 12 yrs old + and she is seeking a very special home. Augusta is deaf and has recently had 2 tumours removed, one on her toe and one on her lower eyelid. We feel that Augusta should be in a warm comfy home for however long she has. Augusta will be a long term foster cat and Assisi will cover the cost of any follow up treatment that…

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Reuben has been rehomed. *SPECIAL APPEAL* This very handsome boy is Reuben. Reuben is approximately 4-5 yrs old and he is a lab X. Reuben is seeking a very special home as he has a malabsorption condition which means he can only be fed a vet prescribed diet as normal dog food or even human food could make him very, very sick. Reuben is an affectionate boy who loves company and he is very intelligent…

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Aria and Alfie

Aria and Alfie are now rehomed. Name Aria and Alfie Age 10 Months Sex Female and Male Breed/Colour Black Children Yes Dogs No Cats No Access to outdoors No Aria and Alfie are house cats and they are seeking a home together as they are very bonded.

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Checkers and Chica

  2 years old male and female . home together

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Oreo is now rehomed. Name Oreo Age 8 Months Sex Female Breed Terrier X Children Teens+ Other dogs Yes Cats Under Assessment Oreo has just arrived at the Sanctuary so she is currently still under assessment.

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Archie is now rehomed. Name Archie Age 3 Years Sex Male Breed Cocker Spaniel Children Teens+ Other dogs Yes Cats Under Assessment Archie has not long arrived at the Sanctuary so he is still under assessment.

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Scout is now rehomed. Name Scout Age 5/6 Months Sex Male Breed/Colour White & Black Children 10Yrs+ Dogs No Cats Yes Access to outdoors Yes Scout is a nervous little guy initially but very affectionate once he gets to know you.

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Chance of a Lifetime – New Van

We have some fabulous news to announce. A few months ago Assisi applied to the charity Support Adoption for Pets asking for help to raise the £40,000 required to purchase a much needed new animal ambulance. We are delighted to announce that Support Adoption for Pets has awarded Assisi an absolutely fabulous £25,000 grant.  In addition to this grant we have also been able to set aside £15,000 towards the new van.  This was been made possible…

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Simon and Simba

Simon and Simba are now rehomed. Name Simon and Simba Age 6 Months Sex Male Breed/Colour Ginger & White Children 10 Yrs+ Dogs No Cats Yes Access to outdoors Yes The boys are still a little timid so would be best suited to a quiet home.

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Hunter has now been rehomed. Name Hunter Age 9 Months Sex Male Breed Lab X Children Teens Other dogs Yes Cats No Hunter is an energetic, boisterous boy who will need further training.

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